4x1 relay tips please!?

ok so i have a track meet tomorrow and i'll be running the 4x1. i'm the last leg. do you have any tips for me??


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You have a good position, but you must be careful not to get cauht up in all the confusion that will be going on at the exchange. This is a very stressful poistion as everyone is jockeying for position here and usually the spot that most batons are dropped or runner goes out of the zone(think USA men's 4x1 1996 olympics). They get too excited, anticipate too much and out runs their partner and the baton.
Don't take off until you see your partner hit your mark, accelerate and hope they are not too tired and can catch you. When you get the call, get your arm up, keep it steady, hand flexed ready to grab that baton then power through to the finish.
The reason the 2nd person is usually the fastest or strongest person is because they will either get your team either ahead or behind, that postion is running 110M (gets it in the corner and hands off in the corner after running the back straightaway.1st runs about 85M 2nd 110, 3rd runs again 90m, 4th runs 110

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for relays, especially the shorter ones, the handoff is EVERYTHING. you have the last leg, so you have less to worry about. Just make sure you give it 100% from the takeoff to the finish line.

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I agree again. The handoff is exceptionally important, but so is your technique, strength, and speed.

You have to be slightly jogging by the time your teammate is about twenty meters behind you. You should then be looking ahead while one of your arms trail behind, waiting for the baton. Keep picking up speed, let your teammate come after you. It is their job to place it in your hand, not your job to get it there, but also don't make it too hard for them.

Then run like hell, making sure to use your calves by only running on your toes. Remember not to swing your arms wildly, keep your breathing steady, and focus on the finish line. Goodluck.

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OMG! i have a track meet 2morrow as well. Hand offs are EVERYTHING! congrats for being the last leg! That means UR the fastest.Also , as the person passes you the baton, start to jog a little before they get 2 u

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Come out hard and try to leave ur 3rd leg make them catch u rise ur hand high.and dont get cought ...and the fastest leg is ur 2nd leg

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all throughout high school track i ran the 4x100 (as well as the 4x200) and I was the last leg. yes...you don't have to do as much work since you don't have to hand off to anyone BUT you have a lot of pressure on you. everyone wants you to kick it in and win the race! My advice is to make sure that your hand-off with the 3rd runner is flawless! Hand-offs are crucial, espeically in the 4x100. If they aren't perfect you could lose and your time won't be as good. Just make sure you stretch a ton and when that 3rd runner is coming around the curve take that baton (spelling?) and run for your life! Make sure you have good form and stay strong all the way through the finish line...and lean! Good Luck!

and why would the fasted person be the 2nd leg? Usually your fastest people are the first and 4th runners. you need a good start and finish.

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