Asic Gt2110 Shoes?

I seem to pronate in when I run and a running store recommended the Asic Gt-2110. They have worked great but want to replace them, I need to do this at the best price though. Where is a good place to find them? I find them online for $59 but they never have my size. I really want to avoid paying 80-90 dollars


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You could try also moving up to the Gt 2120. I replaced my 2110s with 2120s when it was time and there is very little difference.

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I have that issue too, as a marathon runner I chew through running shoes every two months. But, since they are the most important peice of equipment a runner has. You may have to just have to spend the money if you really like them.

You could try big box sports stores, who often sell off last years running shoes at discounted prices. Watch for promotions, often the Runningroom has a cross promtion with Vector cereal and offer 20% coupons. Mind you not sure if that is in the US as well as Canada.


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Take a look at ordering your Asics GT-2110 shoes from They're currently on sale for $69.99 (4 different color options), but you can easily Google for a $10 off coupon code (purchase over $60) and buy them Online for only $59.99. They usually arrive in about 3-4 working days.

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