After i ran like 3 miles my legs get hurt.?

what can i do ?


How does running improve your health?

i will tell u ...
massege me..
oh and i beat TJ.
see u in school...

How do i run/ jog further?

firstly, congratulations on running that much! my legs hurt just running to school which is like 2km. you should probably just sit and do relaxing stuff. remember to move em around a bit too otherwise the hurt even worse, are you on some cross country team, i mean really, 3 miles!

Compartment compression syndrome--any non-surgical relief for a runner?

Umm, yeah, thats cause your legs hurt and they are tired. Give it a little bit and they will get better.

What should long distance runners - 25 kms - consume during the event in terms of carbohydrates and fluids?

You are not conditioned to running that distance or speed. You need to run easy until you have trained yourself to tolerate the distance. Do not run so fast that you can not talk. You can massage your legs and help the soreness, but it is going to happen for a couple of days after you run until you are conditioned.

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