800m for 7th grade girl?

Question:Hey, I'm doing really bad at the 800m my time was 3 min 30.68 seconds...I was wondering if you had any tips so I could improve that? Thanks.



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You need to practice running faster. Try some intervals, say 4x400 meters at 1:40 with a 1 minute rest between each. Do 8x200 meters at :45 with 30 second rest. You just need to train your body to run at a faster pace. These work outs are not too much faster than your race pace, so maybe you can do better. Once your body is used to running like this in practice you can race faster and not feel bad. Try a time trial. Run 600 meters at a good race pace, say 2:15, if you can, then stand there for a 1 minute rest, and then sprint the 200 as fast as you can. This will be close to what you can race in an 800. That would be close to 3:00 for the 800, which is a big improvement in time over the 3:30 you have run. On the days you are not at the track you need to run easy for 2 to 3 miles. See what you can do and then you can work on changing the times in your intervals.

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thats one, if not the toughest race. What I would do is 400ms to 600ms repeats. Also look up plyometrics they will help the fast-twitch muscle, its an explosive burst.
And add a good distance run of 2-4 miles 1-2 times per week to expand your lungs.

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lol...i knew you would ask something on here...is this the reason you are running more in P.E.?

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i have the same problem. 7th grade 800meter runner but my time is around 3 flat. i suggest doing 800's like 3 or fur times a day. it helped me alot

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mine is 2: 38 i run all the time (i am also im 7th grade)

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hey im and 8th grade 800 runner (im a guy) and theres a couple things you can do...
run a fast first100 to get a lead... it might not help physically but if your ahead, and someones gonna pass you, you can speed up and you wont fall behind... then you need to keep a steady pace to stay near the front of everyone else you with... Speed up a bit your 2nd lap but not to much... then sprint the last 100 and give it everything you got!!
run about 2 miles over the weekend or when you dont have track practice just to help with your endurance.. the longer you can hold a quick speed the better


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Try doing ladder repeats. I know they suck, but they will help you. Do 2 600m's, 2 400m's, 2 200m's, and 3 100m's. In high school, we start out fast, then keep a good paste for the first lap. then on the second lap we speed it up a little and the last 100m we sprint. Good luck :)

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