Bad workout?

why are bicep curls bad for a sprinter? imma 100m and 200m but i also wanna learn a little boxing, will the bicep curls affect my running? i'm not gonna get harcore buff or anyhting. sprinting is my first priority


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training your biceps with weights is not necessary for sprinting or boxing. i have competed in both sports and when i have trained i only focused on the essential elements of that particular sport.

training for a sport can be tricky. you must know how to train,eat and rest. if you do anything extra it could interfere with the results that you are looking for.

if you are a hardcore athlete you must live like a hermit always watching what you eat how you train and your sleep patterns. but if you are a recreational athlete do what ever you want.

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when you are lifting you need to work on all of your muscles, not just the muscles that you would use for that specific event. You need to work on your core muscles too. It is not a good idea to just work the major muscles or just upper or lower body.

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Bicep curls aren't bad for a sprinter. Like any other workout, it makes you stronger. There is no way this would affect your running. Whomever told you this is blowing smoke up you a**. I am a runner and I workout all the time. Have at it.

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Only working your biceps probably won't get you anywhere, but all the good sprinters I know are ripped all over, including biceps.
Some people don't like doing lifts that isolate one muscle group, such as biceps curls, and prefer to concentrate on lifts that his multiple muscles at once.
I have heard some people say that they thinking doing curls will throw off running form, but i don't believe that. As long as you stay balanced and don't overdevelope part of a bicep it shouldn't affect your form either.
Lifting is one of the best ways to get faster, so just keep at it. Remember to work your whole body, because everything plays a part, and you will be sure to improve.

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Stronger arms will help you sprint faster.

The faster your arms can move, the faster you can get your legs to move

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Bicep curls aren't bad. Keep lifting and make sure you hit all the muscle groups, preferably with a split routine. A strong upper body will make you a better sprinter.

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I'm doing the same, but i've been sprinting for years. Lift every other day but the curls wont do you any bad. make sure you keep practicing because with the curls you will have power, but you have to train to keep your speed.

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