Ahhhh my toes hurt =/?

okay so this track season was my first season. well i ran the 400. anyways so today i was running on my own, and i ran for about 30 minutes, not long but long for me. dude my toes hurt when i was done.. is that normal for distance runners?


Ankle Weights?

if you haven;t run long distance in a long time then your toes are not used to the constant stretching and use not normally associated with everyday walking.
your toes hurt because they have been used in a way they havent before
much like if you go to a gym and punch a punching bag for an hour for the first time ever
your arms will hurt the next day
your body will get used to it and the pain will go away

Tips on running?

Perhaps your shoes are too small. I have to wear a whole size larger in my running shoes because when you run your feet tend to slide forward. It's very rare that you'll wear the same size running shoe and normal everyday shoe. You might just have realized this now because you don't normally run such a long distance. If you continue with this, you might just lose your toenails :-) Been there...done that! LOL I'd suggest looking for some new shoes.

I get somewhat of a burning sensation in my quad when i run?

yea its definitely the shoes. try 1/2 size larger. or ... if youre running on the track for 30mins in your spikes then yes, i can assume your toes will hurt. save your spikes for races and short training intervals. otherwise... to save your feet, wear a great pair of shoes for the long distance. this will also save your knees and hips.

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