200m hurdles pacing tips?

Question:my first track meet is tomorrow and i was wondering if there are any tips for pacing myself between the distances between the 5 hurdles
it's 200m, so i first go around the back curve and then go all the way down the straightaway
also any tips on how to not stutter before the hurdle? i always end up with my right foot down before i jump which is my lead leg



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Sprint the entire way

To avoid stutter stepping look ahead about 4 or 5 steps and if you notice you may come up with the wrong foot, stride your legs out to make 4 usual steps 3 so you can go over on the "right" foot.

If you have time see how many steps you take between your first sprint at the hurdle

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I run the 330 Hurdles, but it sounds like we're in the same position. I have not been doing this for very long. For the stutter step, I'm still trying to wrok this out. The main thing is confidence. It's about convincing yourself that you will make it over, so that you don't break stride. If you really do end up with the wrong foot forward, don't be afraid to hurdle with your lead and hurdle legs switched! For pacing I know its five steps between (but thats for the 100 Hurdles). So I'm no help there. Just practice it a lot and count out how many steps is comfortable for you.

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You need to train so you run fast the entire race. You can not run slow and then sprint. As fas as your steps you must work so that you know you are taking the correct number of steps between the hurdles so you do not have to adjust or chop before going over the hurdle. As you learn to hurdle you will adjust further away from the hurdle instead of at the hurdle. It is "only 200" so run fast the entire race.

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You don't really pace yourself in the 200m.. if a full out srpint. But for the hurdles, you need to count your steps. so it's not really about pacing yourself.

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