Are my times where they should be??

Im a freshman and i started running track for the 400 m my time is-60 200m-26 seconds how can i improve to get betteer times?


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Your times are excellent for your age. Keep doing what your coaches tell you. Spend time in the weight room in the offseason.

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60 is pretty good for the 400 and i think 26 is for the 200. I don't know much about the 200 but for the 400 once you make the the last turn or a little before(on a 400 meter track), put absolutly EVERYTHING that you have left. this can help with a few seconds. and like the person be4 me said listen to your coach and do wieghtlifting. I do this for soccer and it seems to help.

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Yes they are decent times. It all depends on what state you live in and the competition around you. Also what are your goals for this season.
To improve just keep running and practicing. With more race experience your times will drop.

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your times are excellent for a freshman, i ran a 1:01 last year for my 400 as a freshman and i know that guys will only get better with age because of developing muscles and height. I would simply work on some endurance since your split is a little slower. Good Job

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