40- yard dash times?

i am a sophmore in high school and last year we tested times and i got a 4.1 but i 90% sure it was a 4- yard dash but now i kind of think it is a 3- yard dash because im one of the fastest in my school, but i don't think i am fast enough to get a 4.1 in a 40 if thats ever possbile. Is that possible for me? and if not what is a good 40 yard time(for varsity track team)?


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yeah, 4.1 isn't possible for you; 4.5 is a goal, 4.6 - 4.8 is good

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LoL if ur running a 4.1 then ur a man among boys b/c thats practically impossible for your age especially...the fastest NFL player runs around a 4.19 or 4.2

Id say for you 4.4 would be pretty amazing and 4.5 would be pretty good...

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I have a feeling you did not run a 4.1 because that would be pushing world record. but if that is true hell yeah that is fast enought for varsity track

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anything below 4.5, you should be good to go man. just redo it

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ok thats bull. im a junior this in high school last year i ran a 4.55 now that believeable not a 4.1 that record for the NFL is a 4.18 by Darrell Green now unless ur superman or somehthin... lol

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i usually get a 3.3 and i am in the 9th grade, well about to be

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a good 40yd dash is 5 flat for your age is 5 flat...
nfl players run from 4.3-4.6

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girl 3.3 is impossible the record is 3.8 mine is 4.0 but i can never get top speed until after 40.

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It probably was a 30 yard dash. Let's get some thing straight nobody that I have heard of has gotten a 4.1 flat. The fastest was Darrell Green. Another thing the girl who said under 4 are you on crack. Come on please lets be real!

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