Can I tell if i am an overpronater by looking at my old running shoes?

I have recently taken up running and have been looking at web sites trying to find out what sort of running shoes i need. They say you can tell by looking at old running shoes but i find it totally confusing. Can any one out there simplify this for me so I can confidently go out and buy suitable shoes. I dont have much time to go to a specialist and would like to buy over the internet. Help please?


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if ur old shoes are worn out unevely, specially on the outer heel side, u overpronate

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Look at your shoes from the back as if you are wearing them. if the soles are worn unevenly then you have a gait abnormality. If the tops of the shoes point toward each other you are an overpronator.

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Overpronators run with their toes slighty pointing inwards, "pigeon toed" as some would say. You roll your feet slightly inwards as you push, pushing off of your toes. When this happens, you tend to wear out the front outside edge. Also, the inside part of the shoe around your ankle might be crushed somewhat. Go to a running store and talk to the salespeople and bring your old shoes and ask these questions and they should be able to confirm this. If they diagnose you as an overpronator, you will probably be advised to select stability shoes. Asics Adrenaline etc.

By the way, that guy that says you have flat foot is totally wrong, ignore him.

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Specialised running shops like the Sweat shop can analize your running style for you, explain it all clearly and help you get the shoes adapted to you. You can also get a good guide on Runnersworld website.

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There will be more wear on the inside of ur shoes- but it is difficult to be sure so u shd visit a Running (not just general sports) shop & ask for their opinion. bring in a few pairs of ur running shoes for them to look at. (I hope u dont just have 1 pair!) if ur an over-pronator, u can buy special Overpronation shoes which shd help make ur feet more neutral (normal).

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Go to a specialty running shop and bring your old shoes. Have them look at your shoes, step w/o shoes, and stride. They will be able to make an evaluation. Another way to look is go to the beach and look at your foot prints in the wet sand. Runner's World and Road Runner Sports websites have foot guides too.

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