Average mile times for high school freshman?

My coach put me as anchor for the distance medley team in a meet, so I'm running the mile. How fast do you think a decent time for a freshman would be?


Okay so im a senior in high school, i do track, and i was wondering how my times are and what more i can do ?

DMR!! my fave race ever. ok... I'm assuming this is indoor track, so the tomes are going to be slower than outdoor. a very good freshman would be under 5:45... good probably 6:00, average maybe 6:35... good luck!!

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well if you are a first year runner, I would say a 7 minute mile, but if you are expierienced I would say a 6 minute mile

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If you can run a 5 minute mile pace, you are an elite runner. Try to keep it up. I started out speed walking at 12 minute mile pace and increase quite a bit now.

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Well, my mile time as a freshman was around 6.15. i have been running since i was in 7th grade. Good Luck!

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at the beginning of the season, I barely broke 7 but by the time the season was over, I ran a 6:01. Some girls broke 6 but most didn't. My 6:01 was very good.

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How old is a freshman? when i was 11, I ran 6:01 which is acceptable.

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