Any tips to start running?

i wouldnt say im unfit. i can swim a good few mile, and lift a reasonable amount of wieght with both arms and legs. also i can ride a bike for a good few mile too. so why cant i run fair? within 200m or so im nackered. why is this? any tips on what im doing wrong?


I have until october to get down to my time in cross country. my course is two miles. right now i run about a?

Make sure that you are running the correct way. Distance running is different than sprinting. If you jog like you sprint, then you will get tired very quickly.

When jogging, you need to keep your torso more upright. This allows your lungs to work more efficiently (When sprinting, most people are more hunched over). Also, when jogging, keep your forearms down more. The minimum angle that your forearm and upper arm should make when jogging is 90° (In sprinting, this angle can be decreased). When jogging, keep your pelvis thrusted forward and raise your thighs during your strides quite a bit (again, sprinters are in more of a fall forward position).

Above all, give it time. Learning and getting into shape to run for distance takes some time. You just have to keep increasing the distance over time, and stick with it (at least 3 times a week).

Track and Field Spikes? (running)?

left leg.....right leg..left leg....right leg.....repeat this, minimising the intervals.

How do I take 2 or 3 seconds off my 200m sprint?

I have the same problem! I just think some people can run, and some people can't.

Has anyone tired doing two shorter runs in place of a long run, Does it work as well?

get good shoes they are a must. also do 1 min of running 2 of walking and gradually build up to running non stop. runners world has a web site with lots of advice on it.

Cross Country Running?

start on small tracks then get bigger

Should I keep running?

I actually took a beginning running program. It kept me motivated because I had the same problem. In six weeks I was able to run 5k (3.2 miles) without stopping. We started by running 1 min, walking 5, then slowly built up.

Best of luck to you.

How can i train to get faster in the 800 run?

i found when i started i had same problem then i asked a runner and they said its to do with the ground you run on paths are uneven so the body shapes itself differently just keep running but maybe more often so your body can adjust to the surface and make sure you pace yourself don't sprint from the off gradually gain speed as you run

What motivates you to keep running?

When you run you are using a different set of muscles than those you use when swimming or cycling. So your running muscles are likely to be very weak, tiring after 200 meters.
Try running 200 meters 5 times a week, and after two weeks increase it to 300 meters etc.

Is 1:23 for the 400M a good time for a 13 year old?

It's totally normal. For each of these disciplines that you mention you are actively exercising different sets of muscles and they work your body differently.


Buying a comfortable pair of running shoes is very important. You should also pay as much as possible, as you want them to fit perfectly, also long term they help support your ankles, so very important... take your time in finding the right pair.

When you set out running, don't expect to run miles straight away! Set yourself a target over a number of weeks. Perhaps running short distances at first, say 3 times a week for the first month. Then gradually increase your distances.

Yes, it really does time this effort, and burning yourself out too quickly (by trying to run too far), will just put you off the sport also!

Secondly, perhaps find a running partner. You will find this both great socially, also for your motivation.
It's always nice to be with someone while exercising. You can chat, also a safety in numbers thing.

You will find that you will naturally put more effort into your exercise when your with someone, and you are pacing each other.

Later, when you get into the sport more, you might want to consider joining a club. That way you can get tips and chat to like-minded people.

All the best, and stick at it, no pain no gain as they say :)

What kind of shoe insert should I buy so that my feet won't hurt when I am running?

Run to a lamppost walk to the next, when you feel comfortable with that run two walk one,run three walk one, are you getting the idea
The idea is to quicken and slow down your heart rate.
Don't overdo it
Good look!

If i do running 5 days per weeks .. till 4 month later .. will i gain my endurance?

Bumkin's got some good advice there, especially about the shoes. Also I like her recommendation of using walking in among your early running attempts. I used to be an avid bicyclist, and runner and walker, and I found that walking is a great exercise and gets you ready for the motion of running, along with the proper cardio vascular stress you'll feel in running as opposed to bicycling. Bicycling, especially as avid / maniacal as I was about it, can give you excellent cardiovascular stress, as does walking and running, but at different levels of demand on the upstart and through the course of your run / walk / ride. I would encourage you to go to a good athletic store and get a good pair of shoes. I encourage you to stay away from some of the chain athletic stores you find in malls because I've found it seldom, to say it nicely, where an employee there has any real interest in the exercise. They often have only an interest in a pay check, at your expense, and they are not always runners or cyclists. I found a store in town where the owner was an avid tennis player and runner, and so as I got to talk with him, I knew he knew what he was talking about, and I was able to convey to him just how serious I was so he knew he had to "step-up-to-the-plate" when he talked to me about shoes. Get into some serious walking for a while, even a couple of weeks or more, just to get your body rythyms into the motions of movement particular to running and walking and very different from cycling. As you feel increasingly capable and eager to put some speed to your pace, then begin doing some light running, and slowly increase your rate or distance as per your wishes. Don't get burned out, or injured, by being in a hurry to reach some fantasy goal you have in mind. You're young enough, I bet, to have plenty of time to reach those goals, if you just don't burn yourself out, or up. I got to where I could ride 200 miles in a day (called a "double century") on occasion, and easily to 100 miles a day (called a "century", obviously), and half centuries (50 miles) and less were "a piece of cake". But those goals took years to reach, but it sure was great when I reached them. I do believe I actually could've ridden beyond 200 miles on my first "double century", maybe even to a "triple century", or at least 250 miles, but I had no headlights, and I hated to ask my buddy on a motorcycle to keep going with me through the night on a whim, or wish or fantasy. Be prepared and there's no telling where this will all lead you to. God Bless you.

Catch me if you can?

ur not in shape unless u can run so run evey day

Decided to train for 5k- So what to do?

Run 6 miles and just time yourself.

What could I do to sprint faster?If there is any web sites or anything that might have good exersizes to do?

easy answer?
The muscles used for swimming & cycling are different to the ones you use to run.

Make sure you stretch and warm-up properly before running.

My track coach says if i lose more weight ill run faster?

you need to build up a good endurance base. Strengthen your heart and lungs by running high mileage weeks. Remember to run hard and on your toes! gluck

How should I train for a 1/2 Marathon.?

Dan O beat me to that joke.

Sockless in running sneakers?

you may just not be built for running
it sounds like you are built for other sports
if you want to get better just keep trying
but i would stick with the other sports
some people just can't run

Are my times/distances good and what can i do to make them beter?

a good sports bra

Training with plantar fasciitis?

Im the opposite to u- I can run for miles & cycle for hours but can only swim about 100m before I'm dying! The best advice I can give u is to build it up gradually. start doing a 20min outing broken up into 4min run, 2min walk & repeat. or just do what feels comfortable- dont sprint it or u'll be knackered! with progression u shd be able to decrease ur walking time & increase ur running time. just be patient. u may even want to visit ur local running group & train with other people- dont worry no-one will judge u! alternatively, why not enter a triathlon if u can already swim & cycle?! this will act as ur motivation to improve ur running. I've entered my first triathlon for next may & it is definately encourage me to swim more- especially as i dont want 2 drown in the lake!!

Help! I am a hardcore runner with MONO!!!?

start off with a warm up jog for 10 minutes, (without stopping of course) The do a few plyometrics, then a few sprints (like 10), then a cool down of 5 minute jog...keep this up until your body adjusts to it and increase the amount of time...

What are your best training tips for a sprint triathlon?

You're not unfit, but fitness is not transferable from one activity to the next. To run well you need good shoes, they make all the difference. Endurance is built slowly. You need to be patient with yourself. Run for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds.a few times until you feel you've had enough. When this routine becomes easy start increasing the time. When this becomes boring then reduce the walking time.
It could also be that you're already doing plenty and you're trying to do too much. It's great to be fit but it's useless if you don't give your body a chance to recover. (at least one day a week).
Also running is an impact sport. Your other activities are not. This is new to your body! Stretch before and after. Drink plenty of fluid, you can loose a lot of water in a short run. Don't try to do too much. Once a week is enough to start with. AND try to make it fun, it's always easier if you're running in nice surrounding, it takes your mind away from the hard work of running. Good luck!

What is the TacTics to Run Fast well in a 4.5km Run .. ? For Example .. ?? ANY TIPS ..?

You have the outside of your body ready, now its time for the inside. Swimming is good, but I think the impact of running does more. To start, don't sprint when you run, your pace should be easy enough that you breathe is even and you are able to have a conversation, not a deep one though. Start out easy as far as distance, go for a mile or two to start, and do that 4 days a week. Once the given distance gets comfortable increase by 2/3, each week if you can. Run in an area that familiar at first, then venture out and try new areas. Running on hiking trails will give you a great workout as well as better on the knees, pretty scenary, and ability to go at a faster pace sometimes. Most important is to stay relaxed while running, don't forget to breath.
Don't push yourself too hard too fast and too soon or you'll burn out way too soon. Keep doing the weights, they are keeping your core muscles in shape and the rest of your body. Get yourself a good pair of running shoes from a specialty shoe store so they can properly fit your feet. Listen to music if you want, but keep the volume low if you run on roads with cars. Run with people you know and like, even look into joining a local running club.

Good Luck and Have Fun

Is making love the night before a marathon run a good thing or is it probably better to wait till after?

remember, you're not running because you're in
a hurry to get somewhere! You're running to exercise
your heart... slow down! You just need to get your
heart rate into the target zone for 30 - 40 minutes,
3 times per week, but you won't be able to do that
right from the start... build up slowly, be patient but
regular, and you will see your aerobic capacity increase.

I need the best pair of athletic shoes possible!! Any ideas?

I believe it just takes practice. You should start off slowly and eventually go faster and longer. Start off easy like a mile and gradually build up. I would try running with a friend because when your with a friend, it makes running a lot easier. Good luck!

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