Track question?

How can i make myself faster for track, and get in shape??


Stragtegy for 100m sprint?

Start with an interval program for training and some light free weights to build muscle. Your interval program on the track should go something like 2 100m 2 200m 2 400m 2 200m 2 100m. Then build more in reps and longer track distances like adding 800s and more 400s to build up stamina. A good ladder workout is 4x200m 4x400m 2x600m 4x800m 4x400m 4x200m. do the first two of each rep at 1/2 speed, third at 3/4 and last at full speed.
Make sure you are good and stretched, hydrated, and warm. Get some good comfortable running clothes with breathable fabrics and well fitting track spikes for sprinting.
Watch what you put into your body. Stay as far away as possible from sodas, fried foods, and unnecessary sugars.
Good luck and have fun.

What types of spikes are good for sprints?

It sounds simple but if you want to be good on the track, train on the track. Not only will you be guaranteed a hard session, it will give you a chance to meet other runners & hopefully increase your motivation. If you train with a group twice a week & do 2 steady runs of 20-30 minutes per week, & a gym/circuits session once a week then u'll be fine!

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