Breathing Exercises to Boost Lung Capactity?

Ive heard that there are yoga exercises that increase lung capacity for running, but i dont like them. Are there any others.


In cross country, i had a 11:20 1.5 mile and now i get a 6:28 mile?

Sing while you run! Me and my team do it all the time and it just helps you to not think about how heavy you may be breathing. If singing is not your thing lol, try to focus on in through your nose, out through your mouth instead of always gasping for air.

Headphones fall off my ears when running...suggestions please?

There are a number of devices that have been developed recently to increase lung capacity. You can check out most triathlon store websites to get more details. A few of the popular ones are:

You basically use it twice a day and there is research that shows increased athletic performance.

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