Running at altitude.?

I run at over 5200ft Altitude. I did 36 min (finising 6th out of 400) for a 5 miles at 8500 feet (that really hurts) how would this compare to a sea level run?


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No idea, but you would run faster since you get more oxygen at sea level.

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If you ask people of the the same ability at lower altitudes for their times they will be the same however if you switched places you would run much faster times while the other person would find it more difficult...our bodies adapt to the conditions we live in

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At sea level there is more oxygen concentration in the air so it would be a lot easier to run 5 miles. in higher altitude you get less oxygen and therefore get fatigued faster.

hope i answered your question.

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A rough estimate: 1:30-2:00 faster at sea-level.

The NCAA provides altitude adjustments for performances at elevation, there are no NCAA tracks that high but the 10,000 m conversion at Gunnison, CO (elv. 7703 ft) is between 1:54 and 2:23 depending on division and sex.

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Running at sea level would become a lot easier for you. Running at higher altitudes really helps your breathing. And congrats on your time.

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