How to get better at hurdles?

I am a freshmen in high school and I love running track. This will be my 3rd year running both the 300 and 100m hurdles. I need some tips to get better and shave off some seconds from my times. HELP!


For those who run marathons what is your training schedule like?

hurdles are very technical so Practice, Practice, Practice,Drills,Drills,Drills

Lead Leg Drills:
Drill #1 Set up 5 to 6 hurdles and set the hurdle height lower than race height; (height will increase the better you get). Practice snapping your lead leg over the hurdle and back down to the ground.

Drill #2 Set up 5 to 6 hurdles 6 to 8 feet apart (distance will change depending on the athlete). Set the hurdle height lower than race height; (height will increase the better you get). Practice snapping your lead leg over the hurdle and back down to the ground, but this time try to take three small steps before you reach the next hurdle.

Trail Leg Drills:
Drill #1 Take a hurdle,place it at race height. Lean forward as if you were hurdling grab hold of a fence, wall, person or another hurdle. Place you lead leg beside hurdle and snap your trail leg over the hurdle.

to work on a slow Trail Leg,use trail leg Drill #1. Concentrate on pulling the trail leg through fast and bring it down quickly.
* Closing the door, is a technique with the arms. Bring your lead arm back keeping it close to the body and pull it back as if you were closing a door.

maybe you're too close, to the next hurdle, the lead leg is not being driven down fast enough after the previous hurdle. Use drill # 2 lead leg drills will help.
* Another reason is that you may be leading with your toe instead of your knee. Practive bringing the knee up before extending the leg.

100mH drills.
set 1st hurdle up on proper mark, set 2nd 1 footstep closer to hurdle #1 and so on for about 5 hurdles, this will work on quickness between hurdles.

5 Starts over 1 hurdle, 4 starts over 2, 3 starts over 3 2 over 4 and 1 over 5hurdles.

300/400H training drills
First 3, Last 3
first three hurdles and the last three hurdles are setup on the marks. The race distance is run using these hurdle settings.
Run 3 to 5 of these to build strength.

First 6:
- The first six hurdles are setup on the marks. The first six hurdle are then ran at race pace to build rhythm.
Run 5 to 7 of these to build rhythm and strength.

Last 3
- The last three hurdles are setup on the marks, this is used for 300 hurdle training to build strength.
Run 3 to 5 of these to build strength.

You're also gonna have to train like a 100M sprinter, lots of block starts for training the neromuscular system; it will improve your reaction time to the sound and allow for your muscles to respond faster to the impluses.

Make sure your blocks and start position is correct.
Front Leg *The font leg in the blocks should be your "trial leg" for all for the short hurdle races. The long hurdle races it might not be
Back Leg *The back leg in the blocks should be your "lead leg."

Hands *Hands should be a little wider than shoulder width; the same width you would have them to do a pushup.

Make sure you get good warm up and stretching at practices and before races to keep the muscles loose and to prevent injury especially, hams, abductors(outer hip on trail leg), and achilles

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Ever did hurtle streches i am sure that you have being on the track team but those help your builds muscle memory. Keep your from tight, and your hand close to your body to reduce wind resistance.

Can I tell if i am an overpronater by looking at my old running shoes?

doing stride outs help alot. also dont be afraid to ask the senior girls on your team for advice, they would probably know best and you are all on the same team!

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there are tons of drills and stretches you can do, get a book on it.

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