Every time i do bicycle abb streches my left knee pops. What should i do?


Why do I feel fire in my throat when I run much?

go to ur nearest pharmacy

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My right knee pops all the time. And it hurts worse before a storm. I saw a chiropractor and that helped some. then I got this stuff called Dr. Christopher's BF+C. And that stuff is wonderful you just rub it right on. It is probably available at your local health food store. Good luck with that.

Does it make sense to run the 100m dash holding your breath?

Nothing. Snap, crackle and pops are just part of our bodies getting older. Unless it really hurts, I wouldn't worry about it.

What is waterpolo.. good cross training?

you should stop doing those drills and start fast running then ur knee will stop hurting and popping it will get you leg muscles stronger

To lift or Not to lift for Crosss Country Runners?

stop doing ab stretches

How important is cross training when preparing for a 1/2 marathon?

Try re-positioning your legs, raise them higher or lower them, perhaps don't extent them as much or extend them further.

You have to find where you are comfortable in your workout.

Maybe you are setting up to high or lying back to low.

Make sure your body is in good alignment

Also, try wearing a knee brace when you perform this exercise

And warm up a little before you start, then stretch to get the blood flowing and the movement in your joints ready

If its not a pain you can bare then see your Dr. or a Trainer he/she can advise you on what to do, whether to continue or use an alternative excersice with the same benefits.

Hope this helps

Does anyone know of a site where i can get a good running/training programme to be ready to run ..

Go to the doctors. you may have a torn miniscus or something.

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