Good tips on how to become a better sprinter, and a good workout to increase stamina for a 13 year old female?

the workout can be by myself or help from a friend


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Speed training drills
Mark off in a straight line, about 1 meter/yard apart.
The next 10 should be 2 meters/yards apart.
2. From standing start sprint the total length to the first mark taking one step between each marker.
3. The marks close together will encourage faster, shorter strides. You can gradually decrease the distance between marks as you progress. Walk slowly back to the start to recover.

Alternating Starts
The basis of this drill is a 10-20 meter/yard sprint. You should focus on accelerating as quickly as possible by powering away with your arms and legs.

Accelerating Sprints
This drill requires you to mark out distance of about 100 yards/meters where you can sprint in a straight line. You also need to mark a halfway point either with some landmark or a mark on the ground. Starting at one end, gradually accelerate to reach full speed at the halfway point and continue to sprint to the end. Slow down gradually to a jog, turn and walk/jog back to the start.

speed endurance drills will help you to maintain a higher work rate for longer.
Warm up with a steady jog for 10 minutes
Run hard, above race pace for 75 seconds
Jog for 150 seconds
Run hard, above race pace for 60 seconds
Jog for 120 seconds
Repeat 3-4 times
Cool down at a steady pace for 10 minutes

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Run 400 meter dashes. You will feel like you're dead afterward but they're great for stanima. I am a 13 year old girl and I run these in track. We used to run six in a row. ugg. Also hamstring exercises are good for speed. You can find those on the internet. Also jump shoes are great for speed. Run miles quickly for stanima too.
Jump shoes website:

If you want a really hard work-out run in these shoes. Don't do it too often, because it KILLS your calfs. Lift hand weights because strong arms actually can help you. You could even run with the hand weights and use your arms when you run. Do plyrometics in the shoes too.

Good Luck!

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