Can someone give me advice on finding a good pair of running shoes?

I've been running since 2004, and I found a pair of running shoes that were perfect - New Balance. I ran a marathon in them last May, but since I got all the use out of them, I've tried buying other New Balance shoes (they dont' seem to make that particular model anymore). I've purchased a few different pairs of New Balance and a pair of Nikes, but they are all too small for me now. I don't understand it. They seemed to fit fine in the store, but after wearing them a few times, my toes are totally cramped in there. I'm 27 years old! Why would my feet be growing?? The 9 1/2 felt awkward and too big when I tried them on in the store. Should I just buy the 9 1/2 and wear thicker socks? It would be great if they made a 9 1/4! I think I might go to an actual running store this weekend and have someone help me, but whatever tips I can get here would be great. Thanks!


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The best thing to do would go to be fitted at a running store. They can look at your foot type and depending on what it is recommend some shoes. One with a high-arch will most likely be in a neutral cushion running shoe (asics-Landreth, Nimbus/ Brooks-radius,glcerin/ New Balance- 1060,801/ Sucony- ride/ Mizuno- wave rider, wave creation) Someone with a mid to low arch will most likely be in a stability shoe. These shoes have more support and help to keep your arch from collapsing. (asics-2120, Kayano / Brooks-Adrenalin)

As for size, each shoe is different. You must feel comfortable and have about a thumbnail of room in the toe box. New Balance and Sucony shoes tend to run wide, while Mizuno and Nike shoes tend to run narrow.

Your running shoes tend to be exactly ONE whole size bigger than your normal dress shoes. Also your feet swell throughout the day so at different times your size will be different. It is best to try on shoes mid-day/afternoon

I work in a running specialty store and could go on for hours about shoes. If you would like anymore help please contact me

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I have had the same problem, different shoe companies size differently. I have a strange foot and have found asic's to be great.

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I wouldn't go with an awkward or too-big pair of running shoes. You might have to just get the 9 and wear thin athletic socks. I prefer that anyway. Bulky thick socks and too-big shoes will really slow you down and make your running feel off-sync and just awkward in general. You may have to switch to a different brand. I really like Asics, and my sister in law who is a runner also swears by Saucony. You might just go to a running store and at least get fitted for some (although you can probably find the same shoe cheaper elsewhere).

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As a marathoner, you probably should be going at least a half size larger anyway for swelling.

Your feet do grow, and shoes change year-to-year, and new versions of a particular model. My feet have grown almost a full size in the last 10 years. I too stick with New Balance, but have had good luck in Brooks and Saucony.

As you suggested, DO go into a running shop, and have them check you out. Bring your old shoes. Some stores have some slick imaging equipment, and/or at the very least will be more thorough in selecting shoes appropriate for you. They'll nail down your foot strike, measure both feet, etc.

You may spend a bit more, but it should be worth it. Also worth noting, some strores are pretty good about your satisfaction. My local store will allow you to return nearly any shoe.

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Yes, your feet still grow. I was shocked when my shoes started to not fit in my 30's and had to go up a 1/2 size. Normally running shoes should by a 1/2 size larger than your street shoes since your feet swell when you run and you don't want to cramp your toes. Some people get black and blue toes or blisters because their shoes are too small. The other thing you may need is to to buy narrower shoes. Asics 2120 makes narrower shoe widths. These are the best I found. Most shoes don't have narrower widths, so I'm limited with the shoes I can buy.
So my recommendation is to buy a 1/2 size larger and a narrower width. Make sure you go to a quality running shoe store, they'll fit you properly. Stay away from sporting goods stores, they don't have the properly knowledge to fit you with the correct shoe.

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Join the Nike club run. You can try on Nike shoes (different models and sizes) and run in them. No purchase required. When you find the ones you like, then buy them. I'm still wearing my old Saucony but probably will get a pair of Nikes this xmas.
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