Beginner Hurdler?

Question:Hello, I'm a freshman in highschool doing indoor track. I'm a male. I'm 5'11. This is my first time doing hurdles. We have a meet on saturday. Recentley my trail leg(left)'s quad has been getting really sore as if I pulled a muscle. Additionally I want to improve my overall performance, especially with the right technique. I understand what you're supposed to do(i think) but I just can't. Or if I try I mess up? What's the quickest, easiest, way to see results. Remember, I have a meet in several days.


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Are you doing sprint hurdles(100/110M or intermediate hurdles 300-400M)hurdles are very technical and will take years for you to perfect, it's not gonna happen overnight but this will help you get by and help you run in the upcoming meet. Here are some practice drills and basic info
The front leg in the blocks should be your "trial leg" for all for the short hurdle races. The long hurdle races it might not be
The back leg in the blocks should be your "lead leg."
Hands should be a little wider than shoulder width; the same width you would have them to do a pushup.
The arms should be slightly bent pushing your body in to the starting blocks when you are in the set position.
This is the basic starting position, you will have to adjust acording to your needs.

training drills
Move all of the hurdles in one of your foot lengths (1st hurdle 1 foot in 2nd 2 feet and so one until all the hurdles are set up) and then move all of the hurdle down 3 inches lower than race height.

- The shorter distance and height allows you to better simulate race pace

- First hurdle is placed 12.5m from the starting line, second hurdle is place 8.3m/8.5m from the first, third hurdle is place 12.5m from the second hurdle. The 8.3m/8.5m and 12.5m is alternated for how ever many hurdles are used, always ending with a hurdle measured out at 8m.

- Take the splits between the hurdles and run until your time decreases by over .1 sec (not just one split, but all of the splits).

Lead Leg Drills:
Drill #1 Set up 5 to 6 hurdles and set the hurdle height lower than race height; so ladies 30" and men 33" - 39" (height will increase the better you get). Practice snapping your lead leg over the hurdle and back down to the ground.

Drill #2 Set up 5 to 6 hurdles 6 to 8 feet apart (distance will change pending on the person). Set the hurdle height lower than race height; so ladies 30" and men 33" - 39" (height will increase the better you get). Practice snapping your lead leg over the hurdle and back down to the ground, but this time try to take three small steps before you reach the next hurdle.

Trail Leg Drills:
Drill #1 Take a hurdle: Ladies place the hurdle at race height. Men place the hurdle so that it is even with the bottom of your groin. Lean forward as if you were hurdling grab hold of a fence, wall, or another hurdle. Place you lead leg beside hurdle and snap your trail leg over the hurdle.

Do lots of starts, acceleration runs, speed work (a hurdler= a smarter sprinter able to more than one thing while running in a straight line :-)

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