Any tips for running a mile?

Question:for my P.E final we have to run a mile. I've only done this once and got a time of 11:55. I'm not in good shape, and I'm over weight, so the fact that I finished it at all is something to be happy about. but an 8 minute mile will get me an A. Our gym teacher doesnt really work with us and prep us for the final, he's going to pick a day and make us run. Anyone have some tips on how to do it faster and not feel so sick and have my legs cramp up after?


Tips on running in a track meet?

Well speaking from my collegiate experience in cross country and track, the most prominent training assest you have as a runner is base mileage. All base mileage is the long slow jogs you do to build endurance and get your body mechanics used to the running motion.
The best thing you can do is go jogging a few times a week (3-4 times per week I think would be good). When you first start out, try a short distance that you know for sure you can jog without stopping. After you've become comfortable with that distance (probably after a week) increase the distance by a quarter mile (one lap, if you're running on a quarter mile track). Week after week, buld up until you hit the mile distance. Once there, you can have days were you run 1 1/2 miles and days were you run 3/4 mi. During your workouts, remember to take it easy, and if you need to walk, then walk for a short while, and then try to get back into jogging. Alternate back and forth if you absolutely have to..the point is, you want to just get out there and get your body familiar to jogging, so when you have to in your final, running that mile won't be such a foreign task for you..physically or mentally. It'll be great during your final, if you can say to yourself during the run,..."I've been doing this a couple times a week for so many weeks now." Making a routine of it will definitely help you drop a lot of time off your mile.

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1. Train for it ahead of time
2. Drink a lot of water during the day
3. Pace yourself, don't try to go too fast

Btw, make sure you train. I got a 10:30 last year without training and I got a 8:30 this year with a month's preparation. That's 2 minutes off!

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Do some leisurely jogs, about a week and half before. Slowly increase, slowly push yourself a tad more. Also eat foods with protein and veggies and drink lots of water during the day before so you'll be hydrated during running. If you don't want to jog, do some jump rope, anything that will get your heart rate up. Remember to pace yourself for the test, if your burnt early its tougher to regain momentum.
Good Luck!

What is the difference between treadmills?

Stretch out first.

Why do i get a headache while running in the cold?

you only have to get 8 mintue? just train for it, run around your neighbor hood eat right, and don't cry. good luck!

Middle School Track, 1600?

well i run track and a mile for me is not easy but im a sprinter. So, i would just pace myself and not try to out run other people dont feel bad if you come in last but try not to get discouraged if people pass you and just try to stick to your goal of an A and dont phsyc your self out. Good luck :) **:]

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Train. Run the mile at least 4 times a week and push yourself each time to improve. Before you know it you will be hitting 8 minute miles. You may even find you like it enough to keep running after you pass your PE final.

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To cut 4 minutes off your time you are going to have to train. Go slow at first. Start with a 1/4 mile & work your way up. Remember working out is not fun. The no pain, no gain rule is a fact. It will hurt for you to run an 8 minute mile. Especially is your body doesn't want you to do it. anything is possible. Always sprint to the finish line. End hard!

Will running reduce thigh muscle mass?

Jog....I feel you can finish running start it helps build your strength back up.

How to choose a correct running shoe size?

Well, first you schould get in shape by eating heathly. Then you should jog around your neighborhood regulary, and when running, anywhere for any length, pace yourself so you don't get too tired and collapse...

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When running, speed is something you have to build up to, no matter what the distance.

Do your 1 mile run 4 days a week.

Section it out (I don't know if you run on a track, in a park or on the street). Here's what I did for street running:

Run slightly faster than your normal pace for one block. Normal pace for the next block. Repeat for the entire mile.

The next time, do 2 and 1.

The next time, do 3 and 1.

The next time, do the whole mile at the faster speed.

Tips on how to break 5 minutes in the 1600m (mile)?

ok well thats how i started off in 5th grade but then i trained w/ my mom to do the marthon now i am getting 5:45. ok tips
1-if u knoe ur field really well and u can estimate how close u r to someone just CLOSE UR EYES and then open and it doesnt cause any pain but just dont run into anything
2-well this one depends on how fats u want to run so read carefuly ok when ur running count 1-2 -3-1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2... or if u want to go faster say 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 fast it helped me so good luck on ur next mile

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breath in through your nose and out your mouth it will help stop cramping in the sides go at your own pace and don't try and go faster than u really can

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an 8 min mile you need to run each 400 in 2 min try running 10 400 2 min each every day till you can up till you can do it easily caffeine could cause the leg cramps so cut out the caffeine in your diet while your trying to run and good luck

Winning the 400m?

my gym teacher does that too. he picks a random day and tells us to run a mile. before you run strech and drink water. when i run if i feel like i need to stop or slow down i try to go a little faster. i know it sounds weird but when you feel like you are going to die try to run faster and the pain will pass. and try running a mile every day until the day of the mile.

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I guess start buy doing a mile every other day. This doesnt mean you have to jog the whole thing. Your body needs to get used to the distance. So do a nice easy pace for as long as you can then walk the rest. With each day you should be able to jog more of that mile. On the off days when you arent running you can also walk the mile and it doesnt have to be on the track. Make your friends come with you. Dont focus so much on that time what is important is that you will start to feel better physically and mentally. Every now and then time yourself just to see where you are and if you should push yourself a little bit more. Its 4 times around the track you got that *!! Good Luck:)

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