Are they good?

are nike shox good shoes? do they last very long?


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I, personally hate the nike Shox. I find they make your ankles turn the wrong way when you run. I LOVE any shoe by asics. If your planning on running I 100% recommend the asics shoes. Nike Shox just aren't good.

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They will only last about 4 months if you are working out in them about 5 times a week, otherwise, they'll last longer

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I don't like them I tend to turn over. You need the 5 shock shoes.

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Nike doesn't make good running shoes. They are cute, but that's it. I train with Nike Running and I get to test drive their shoes. I haven't found one, including the Shox and 360s, that I would by for running.

Asics, New Balance, Saucony make great ones.

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Majority of NIKE running shoes suck... The Pegasus' are possibly the best NIKE shoes you can find. Asics are a bit heavier than other shoes but have more cushioning. Mizuno are some of the lightest shoes and are my new favorite running shoe. They seem to have the right blend of cushioning and support. Saucony also make good running shoes, but its all a matter of preference as to what you like and what feels best.

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yeah but u shd always alternate ur shoes between runs anyway, ideally u shd own about 5 pairs of different shoes

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i dont think nike shox are for running. they are called "running" trainers but, they ar more for people who lyk to workout in the gym. With the shox at the back, they dont really help you run as they allow to much cushion on your heel.

As for how long they in particular last i couldn't tell you, but you should only do approx. 500miles in each pair of running shoes, and you should have approx. 3 pairs of different running trainers on the go at one time.

If looking for a decent pair of running shoes i would recommend finding out whether you running style is 'neutral', 'over-pronator' ...etc. You can get this tested in a specialist running shop for free and they will recommend the right tyope of shoes for you. You should also pick them accordingly to how much miles you run.

i personally like adidas and i wear the Supernova Cushion as i do 75-80 miles a week.

Hope this helps

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I haven't heard many good things about them.

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I haven't heard very good things about them either. Fellow running friends of mine have tried them and told me that they wore out very quickly. I have not tried them myself but I have tried Nike running shoes in the past only to end up injured. I will not return to Nike for running shoes. Also, the running shop that I purchase my shoes from will not carry them (Nike) because the owner feels that they are not good running shoes.
Just my $.02.

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yes I just bought me a pair I can run faster

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depends on what type of what runner you are over pronators usually strike the ground with their feet going to the right under pronators go to the left and need a bridge on their shoe perfect strikers hit the ground perfectly personally any shoe by asics is amazing itll last you a long time like the gel nimbus any selection good luck in your training

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