What is Endurance run ..? .. is 10k to 15k also call Endurance run ..?


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I don't think that there is a rule for what race qualifies to be called an "Endurance Run", but most of them have a length of 100 miles. Some popular Endurance Runs include the following:
- Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run
- Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run
- Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run
- Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run
- Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run

I know of another Endurance Run that is "only" 50 miles, which is the Mt. Disappointment Endurance Run.

As for whether a 10k or a 15k qualifies, I suppose that is up to the organizer. However, considering how many of these ultramarathon events are out there, in my humble opinion, they really put some effort towards thinking of another name..

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An endurance run is a longer run . There's no specific distance. It depends on what your long run has been before. An endurance run for a marathoner would be longer than one for a 5K person. To improve you endurance, take your longest run and add about 10% distance to it every week.

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An Endurance run is a run that enables the runner to start and finish the run. There is no set distance for an endurance run. Someone who runs 1 mile all their life and then decides to run a 5 mile run, would need the endurance to run from 1 to 5 miles. Basically it's like this. Endurance is the ability for the runner to finish a run. Stamina is the ablithy for the runner to maintain a certain pace throughout the run. Hope this helps.

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