Anyone can run a mile in 5:44?


For Junior starting out cross-country this year, how many years of experience does it take to be a good?

yes. i got 4min58sec last year when i was in 9th grade. dont let it get to your head unless your 13 or younger.

The best shoes to buy for a jogger? HELP?


Whats the cheapest place i can find ankle weights to get me ready for track?

yes lots of people - in fact girl Marathon runners train at 5 min mile pace and can keep it up for the whole distance.

Im 17 years of age i plan to join the track and field team?


When you run should i drik alot of water or not and why?

really how?

How many miles can you run without stopping?

nope. :D

5K's, 10K's, 1/2's, Marathons?

Yes. Not me...I hate running, but someone out there can.

What's The Perfect Meal the night before of a Track Race?


How do one prepare oneself to run a marathon if you run only 3 miles every other day?.?

When I was 18 I ran a mile in 4. 58.

That was ...... cough .... a few years ago now though!

Should I buy Nike air max 2003 ?

I can c...r.a .w...l.that fast

Which Do you like better XC or track?

Double it and well talk...pssht..

Names or websites of 5 person marathon relays in US in 2007?

I used to. My best time was 5:15 in 1984. I'm about 6:30 at 40 years old. I smoke now though.

Joining Track and field?

my one best friend can do it in 5:24

Are they good?

Yep. I can do break 5 any day of the week.

You're good if you're 10.

What is the average distance for an 8th grader in the long jump?

Yea alot of those kids that play soccer are crazy fast and endured at running when I was in middle school a couple of kids ran a 5:00 mile

How can I improve my sprinting speed?

only with good training and good heath but it takes a lot out of you and it is hard on the body . jogging is better ans swimming is best but if you love to run pace yourself i tore my body up running to much and have arthritis to remind me everyday .

After i ran like 3 miles my legs get hurt.?

E It's your news?

Running relays?

I just answered your other question about you getting first place. If you're proud of a 5:44, thats a joke. You can just BARELY make the Freshmen team at my school, by one second. I hope you're at least a minute faster with your cocky attitude.

How can I improve my mile time before tomorrow?

Nope, but can you ride a bike at 21mph for 112 miles?

What are the names and websites of running..?

I got second place with a 5:40 in the 6th grade 1992. I felt like a loser then. And you're proud of that time? The pussification of America. Guess they don't make kids like they used too!!

Runner's knee in my right knee?

Easily, and I'm old.

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