Any possible way to measure the distance of a circle w.out expensive equpiment?

there is a hill behind my house and at the top a big open flat space with a circle. i want to know how far i'm running but i dont have any fancy measuring equipment and i dont want to measure out 5280 ft with a ruler.... but i do want to know how far i'm running...


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Can you walk (and measure) the distance from one side to the other side by walking (and measuring) the middle?
If you can measure the distance of the diameter, you can get the radius. If you can get the radius, you can get the circumference. Circumference is the perimeter or the distance around the track or circle. It won't be exact but close. Another way to make it more accurate is to walk from one end to the other in a straight line, measure that, walk a quarter of the way around the circle, walk from that end to the other in a straight line through the middle and compare the two distances, if it's close to the same, it's a circle otherwise it's a elipse.
Can you walk around the whole distance around and measure the total of your footsteps and multiply it by the average distance of each step?

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Circumference = pi x diameter.

Can you measure the diameter? Easier than measuring the circumference.

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That's what I use. I'm lazy. It's accurate, too. I have a Garmin Forerunner, and it's usually right within a few feet. I hope that helps.

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