Are frequent 12-15 mile runs going to help my mile time?

Frequent being 2 times a week. I also do sprints and weight lifting, not just distance.


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You need to have a mixture of both distance work and speedwork and you will run faster over any distance.Its as simple and clear cut as that


If you're a miler you do not have being doing that kind of mileage. The longest runs Roger Bannister ever did were 3 and 4 miles. Speedwork, strength work, fartlek, tempo training. Stay off the weights. Milers are about technique, methodical.

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although your mileage seems a bit much, yes it will help your mile time.

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These long runs are helpful. Building general stength and endurance is always a good idea. I suggest using some speed play during the run to break up the pace. If you are running 6 minute miles ( or 7 minute miles, or whatever), every 2 miles toss in an 880 at about a 10-15% increase. So if it's 6 minute miles, run a few 880's at a 2 minute 15 second pace. Put your recovery at a 2.40 pace for a 440 then back to your base pace.

Another thing you may try is running hilly routes (assuming you aren't driving yourself nuts running 48 laps...)

But all in all, speed work will always help you. Long runs may make that last quarter a little easier.

Good luck!

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Absofringinlutly! It sounds like your coach has you on the right pattern. The LSD (Long Slow Distance) days are a great base for any miler. Balance it with short distances 3-5 at a faster pace and toss in some sprints and intervals!
I wish you the best!

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trust me it works. I been running for 15 mile each day and its does work with the muscle building and all.

Training for track?

yes- im a mile runner so im speaking from experience.
the key to training for any distance is to maintain variety, if u only do long, slow runs u'll become a long slow runner. its great that ur also doing sprints & weight lifting but u shd also remember 2 include interval sessions with long reps such as 6x800m with 1min recovery (this is a typical session for me but i dunno how fit u are- possibly cut it down)
make sure the runs aren't just jogs either, 2-3 of ur 12-15min runs will definately be of enormous benefit in building ur endurance- wholly important even though the mile is quite short.
keep us posted on ur race results & PBs

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looks like some good answers, I would recomend this schedual though for a miler

Day 1: 2-5 miles at 75-80%
Day 2: 3) 400's sprints and 2) 800 sprints
Day 3: 2-4 miles at 70-80% with weight lifting
Day 4: 3-7 miles probably closer to 4 or 5, run at a pace you can talk at while running
Day 5: 2 800's, and 2 400's break only long enough to get your pulse to around 75
Day 6: 3-4 miles with 2 400's
Day 7: rest with light weights
Consider doing striders after every day that doesn't include speed

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Any running you do will help your mile time. Running 12 miles is not the most efficient way of improving your speed for a mile but it will help. The best way would be to run shorter distances but at a higher speed, or intervals etc

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speed work is more important than milage for the mile. Work on your 400m and 800m. That'll help you.

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