Building speed and endurance?

I am a high school cross country runner and i really need help on improving my 2 mile time by at least 2 minutes by August. Does anyone know how i can build up to that or know any good sites?


Im a sprinter but, how do i get better and faster?

early Pre-Season, use circuit training and Fitness Triangles for strength and fitness. circuits consist of six stations: push-ups, crunches, leg lifts, lunges, dips and a running station (usually 800-meters). start by doing 25 push-ups then jog to the next station, to do 20 crunches then jog to the next station and do 15 leg lifts. Lunges 10 on each leg then quickly jog to the bleachers to do 8 to 10 dips just before starting 800-meter run at 5k race pace. repeat 4 to 6 times for a complete workout. The main idea is to keep the heart rate up and the recovery at a minimum. No walking is allowed and quality of the exercise is stressed. A warm-up of 3 to 4 miles always before starting on the first circuit.

On the track, focus on longer types of intervals of various lengths. concentrate on 1000m- repeats; (every other day)a session could consist of
Day 1
3 or 4 x 1000
and 2 x 400.
Day 2
2X220At the end of each session, try to add a fast and short interval to work on ability to kick while tired.

You have to bring good basic speed (if not sprint speed) to the event.
You have to be able to run the last 45-50% (350-400 meters) of the race anaerobically.
You have to be able to race and maneuver in traffic.

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