Anything bad about water while your running? Does it really make you slow down?


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Depending on the temperature and how far you run you need to drink while running. If you drink so much it sloshes around in your stomach then it will bother you, but if you drink a little several times it should not bother you. Drinking will also help cool you down.

Do you think this makes sense? And don't you think what my coach said was rude?

if u drink to musch water before u run, it could make u cramp and even cause gas

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It should only effect you if you take too much. Just a little bit and swish it around your mouth to keep you hydrated. I also like to just slip an ice cube in my mouth and let it just melt there if it is available.

Track shoes?

well if you drink to much to fast it could cause cramps


yes. water slows your body down. And also, it doesn't refuel your body either. what refuels your body is Gatorade. Gatorade refuels your body while your running, not making your body tired and fatigue.

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I don't believe so, I drink it but don't add ice or have it ice cold.

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