1/4 or 1/8 Spikes?

I've got districts coming up this weekend, and have quite a few events to compete in. Recently, since I've been racing a lot more, the balls of my feet have gotten really sore and it hurts to run in 1/4 inch spikes because my spike plate is so thin. I could deal with it and run, but it's very uncomfortable. Would I be sacrificing a noticable amount of time if I run in 1/8 spikes? (100/200/LJ/4x1)


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No, do that unless on a cinder surface. I think most tracks are alweather these days except in the most rural areas.

The foot pain is just your shoes saying you made the wrong spike pick.

Do they allow "Pin" spikes at 1/4 inch, great grip better track penetration and less pressure on your foot. Get a set and ask the officials at the meet if allowed??

Some indoor facilities insist on using the "Pin" or "Needle" spikes and I personally loved them much better

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Since you do sprints, and not distance, yes, it would make a noticable difference, but not too much. It might cost you championships. If I were you, I would save my spikes for race day, and just practice on flats.

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i have both kinds and i don't notice too much difference between the two, i think its more of a preference on you. but if the quarters hurt then change then, or consider a different type of shoe. it also depends on the surface of the track because sometimes certain spikes work better on certain tracks. What you could also do is put a flat in the spot that is causing you problems, thats what i did with my maxcats and my rivals and it worked well

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Since you are running on an all weather track there is no difference in the performance between 1/4 and 1/8 inch spikes. The long jump might show a difference.

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