100m or 1 mile?

which is best?


Track ...running..help..?

i think 100m is the best. because it's more exiting and u don't get tierd.

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1 mile is better for your health because it helps with your heart rate. The 100 meter is a great race, but it is over very quickly, and it is run anaerobically.

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Personally, the 100 is more fun but way more competitive. The mile isn't bad either but... its not nearly as fun.

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100m for me but that is only because I am a sprinter!! The mile is best for endurance though! The 100m is way more competitive and funner to watch. The mile gets old really quickly!!

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1 mile is the best because it takes more work to finish a mile than just sprinting a simple 100

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I can run 100m. I can't walk a mile!!

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Although, at my last track meet I skid on my shoulder when I fell during the 100m.

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The 400 shows both what you need for 100, and the mile.

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are we talking about watching or running it?
watching the 1 mile is way better b/c its a longer race with a lot of lead changes while the 100m is too short and a blink could cost you the end of the race.
running it i think the 100m is better b/c you get that rush of speed and outright knowledge that your faster than the other guy.

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you really cant compare the 2 they are 2 totally different things!

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I've never actually ran the 1 mile at a track meet, so I don't know exactly how it is, but I've ran the 100m a million times and I love it. The 100m is a very short race and one mistake could ruin it all, but that's what's so exciting about it. You can't make any mistakes, you have to be ready to go. You don't have any time to think once it starts, it's now or never. It's very competetive and a lot more exciting to watch because everyone is about the same until the last 10 meters. I've ran cross country, so I know how the longer races go and i don't find them as fun. They give you a lot of time to think and tear yourself down, so you have to be very mentally strong. In the 100m it's over in about 12 seconds, you don't even have time to breathe! It's so crazy!

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The mile!!
You have to have lots of natural speed to do well in the 100m, and lots of kids don't, and do it just because it's short. The mile takes guts, and if you work hard you will do well.

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