I want to RUN safely. I am old. What are the things I should do to start?

Question:I need the actual mechanics of running. How far to 'reach out' with my feet, how to hold my arms, when to inhale, when to exhale, how far to go the first few times.I already have tried it in small spurts while I was walking. The front of my lower legs and the tops of my feet are real sore today. This is why I figure there is a special way to go about this!

I have always dreamed of running and what I have done so far is so exciting and 'freeing' I know I will love it if I don't do myself in !


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what a pleasant guy! you will love running. it gives us runners a peace inside like no other. it puts us at the top; tells us we are faster than the man next to us. makes us a somebody. if you can walk, you're ready to run, my friend! i'll try to cover as many basic things as possible here.

breath: just breathe what feels natural! that's the real way to run. if you are breathing like someone tells you to, you are really straining yourself and not enjoying thje run. if it feels unnatural, dont breathe that way. on a seperate note, though, the right way to breathe is to inhale and exhale equally with the nose AND mouth.

arms: it's a pretty natural instinct, just make sure your arms dont start coming in front of your chest. their forward paths need to be forward. again, though. on this one, the most efficiant swing will be the natural one. even i, a serious runner, swing my arms in too much. but it feels comfortable, therefore making my run more pleasant and efficiant.

feet: make sure you dont pound the ground. you sort of need to propel yourself. make the motion forward, not downward. dont jump, run. if you feel that your foot strike is bad, just make sure that your left foot travels the ground with the left side. right foot with the right side.

legs: your stride shouldn't be too short, nor, too long. don't go out of your way to make huge strides. dont kick behind you, either. i've seen some hiorrible strides. kinda like your arms, your legs need to just pump forward. dont let them swerve behind your body.

well, that's about all i have. geez, i cant get enough of reading your last sentance!! i only wish i could live back when people used the term "done in". just stary off your running slowly. i am pretty fast, but i've had some 70 year old men beat me in 5k races before! just jog every day. i reccomend mornings, sir. they are the most refreshing times to run! and then if you feel good, train a little more. it's pretty much up to you, how to train yourself. the best of wishes to your exciting new hobby!

Shin Splints?

Well, make sure that you run "heel to toe, heel to toe" that will get rid of the pain in your shins.

try and control your breathing, don't rush it to much

keep your arks at a 90 degree angle and move them back and forth slightly when running.

try and keep your back strait

DON'T RUN BEYOUND YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Run untill you feel like you have had enough

Good running shoes for a high arch??

There are 3 very important things that are needed for running:1. proper stretching 2. the correct shoes for the type of foot you have, and if you foot rolls to the outside or inside when you walk or run. A really easy way to figure this out is just look on the bottom of your shoes and see where they are most worn down. I went through a lot of running shoes in school 3. On to breathing...inhale through your nose exhale through your mouth. Don't run so fast that you literally can't keep up with yourself, ex.. you get excited about something, start to sprint and your feet get tangled up, and you are face-to-face with the ground. (

What is the fastest mile you have ever ran?

run slow

I just ran 5k?

1. Good pair of running shoes for your foot type.
2. HYDRATE before jogging. Drink water throughout the day. Drink before starting to jog, and drink after.
3. Warm up of 10mins walking or brisk walking until you break into a slight sweat.
4. Jog at a comfortable pace, don't push yourself too hard. Comfy speed--if you can hold a convo while jogging.
5. There's no shame in walking. :) At first you can do a walk - run combo. 2 mins walk, 2 mins run...until eventually you build your strength and endurance, and then you'll be doing less walking and more running/jogging. :)

Triple Jump?

Health is a factor of running, not age. Running is a natural process we were made to run. Do not reach out with your feet. They should impact the ground under you. Running is a pushing motion, not a pulling motion. Since you are running easy and not trying to run fast your foot should land mostly flat and roll off the front as you move forward. Let your body relax. Your shoulders should sag down, keep your elbows at 90 degrees and swing your arms front to back, not across your body. Breath naturally, take deep full breaths, don't pant or gasp in short breaths. Don't worry about breathing in through your nose, just breath. The air goes to the same place at the same time. Try running as you feel. When you need to walk then walk until you feel like running again. You may be a little sore which is why you want to run easy. You should be able to talk when you run, if you can not talk you are running too fast. Get some good shoes, to protect your feet and legs. You can run 3 to 5 times per week, but don't worry about your times or distance now. Drink plenty of water because you can become dehydrated before you feel thirsty. Stretch after you run, and walk around for a while until you cool off, do not stop and go inside and sit down immediately after running. Have fun.

Im 17 years of age i plan to join the track and field team?

Okay, when you are ready to begin your run, first do this important item: RELAX!

Seriously, just relax and start jogging. Your body will tell itself how to run. If you look at all the runners today (be it a world-class Kenyan runner, or the small child running around the park) they don't do anything but run. There is no perfect form.

Being a jogger for 30 years (and a competitive runner for 20 years) I have seen all sorts of forms. Alberto Salazar had a terrible form but it was not too bad as he ran 2:08:13 for a marathon. And then there were all the great Kenyans over the last 15-10 years. Some had smooth forms and some had poor forms. But the main thing I want to point out is that fact they just ran. They did not worry about form.

As for breathing, just relax and let your body breath normally. Your body will tell you how to breath as well. Just watch you are not running too fast as you will be huffing-and-puffing soon.

The first 6 months of any running is tough. You will feel like your legs are going through a meat grinder. I have to assume you have good running shoes. If not, contact your local running clubs to which running store that they can tell you to visit.

Finally, lose that attitude about being "old." At least you are running. Most people just sit in their easy chairs and get old. You are going out and trying to get young. And although you might be old in terms of apricot-years, you are just a baby in terms of mountain-years.


The guy at the front of the race..who drops out after a while, has he got a pace-maker?

Start with a brisk walk to warm up your body.
After a warm up it's not a bad idea to stretch before running.
Be sure to keep your arms bent at 90 degrees.
Do not look down - keep your head inline with your spine.
Inhale through the nose and exhale out the mouth.
Never hold your breath.
Stride length is up to you - I prefer shorter, faster strides.
Don't try to stretch out your legs too far for long strides though.
If you feel any pain while running it's okay to stop and stretch.
Also, slow down and walk if you ever feel like you need to.
Finish with a five minute cooldown walk.
Stretch when you are completely done - hips, legs and calves.

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