And what's ur 200 time?

mine is 23.21


Why are track events not run clockwise when timing is so important?

mine is 24.25 and im a freashman.

Scraped Leg running question?

i dont understand anythng

What's an ideal time for a beginner running a 5k?

Im in junior high school and mine is 20.6

Good running shoes for the overpronator?

At the 19 years Igot it 23.21

Im a sprinter but, how do i get better and faster?

29 at 14 years old

What is letterman's sweater?

i am 14, and the 200 and the 400 ar my races my 200 best is 21.33 but lately i have been getting over 22. something

I got a track meet tom. and I am running a mile in a 6:20 any ideas or tips to help me win??

Ipodmini, you must mean 26.0. there is not way your running a 20.6 in junior high.

Feenafee, if you really did run 21.33 and are now running in the 22's you must have had a hell of a tail wind behind you and it must have been (hand timed).

My personal best is 21.7 and I never get up to 22 any more.

How can I improve on my 2-mile run and the amount of sit-ups I do on my Army Physical Fitness Test?

Okay some of you're guys' times are just insane, so you must be wrong.girls running 20s, 21s...probably not.

My best is a 26 flat when I was 18 years old (I'm a girl)

My brother who is 18 just got his best time which was 22.6

My recovery after I run is nearly 30 minutes?

i run for a summer track team by the name of L.C Express. i'm about to be 15 and i run a mid-21.

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