Best songs to have in your i-pod for running?

especially christian.If no any song will do


What's a way to stop me from looking down at the ground while running?

Country works very well if your pace is in the 9-11 min per mile range. "Queen of Memphis" got me through a lot reserves PFTs.

How can I get my mile run faster? I can run it in about 7min. but I want to get it to about 5.30 Help?

upbeat temp songs of what ever genre you prefer.

Is this wrong?? Guys, it is??

Christan?? Then Ray Boltz- "what if i said JESUS real loud?"

great song!!

Whats better, indoor or outdoor track?

the thong song

Im 12 and ran the 100m in 12.4 is that good?

How about the Barney "I love you, you love me" song?

Maybe not?

For some reason when i run i ALWAYS accelerate slow..but in the end i win the race for like 100m?

My love-ciara
so hard-ciara
outta my system-bow wow and t-pain
imma flirt-bow wow and r. kelly
like a boy-ciara

How can i train to get faster in the 800 run?

'Lakme' by Leo Delibes. It's featured in the British Airways comercials. Its simple, peacefull, and doesn't distract you from the run.

Track and Field?

idk ne christian songs, but "remember the name" by fort minor gets me pumped! also a band called HOUSTON CALLS. they have great songs

Training for track?

"Life in the fast lane" by the Eagles

How can you tell if you ran a mile or not?

Reliant-K, the old Petra and Newsboys, are some of my favorites, otherwise, amazingly enough, classical music is great to listen to as well. I like it because it calms my spirit when I am in need of it, and also the soothing sounds of all the different instruments is better instead of the constant drums and loud screaming of some of the music today.

Any one has an idea about New Balance 735??

Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

I hear that his music is popular with the kids...

Running w/ high top shoes for ankle support?

American Idiot (edited if you are Christian like me)- Green Day
Holiday (edited)- Green Day
Welcome to the Black Parade- My Chemical Romance
Move Along- The All-American Rejects
Dirty Little Secret- The All-American Rejects
Here It Goes Again- OK Go
I Write Sins Not Tragedies (edited)- Panic at the Disco


"Chariots of Fire" from the movie
"Running Against the Wind" by Bob Seger

Why does my 200m dash not correlate at all to either my 400m or my 100m dash?

Beats are key. If you are just jogging, you want a steady paced song. If you are going to be doing sprints, have songs that are very fast bass and drums beats. I am a jogger myself. Here's some that I listen to. But everyone has different taste. But the key is the bass and drums to running. I always like to listen to:
--"Pump it Up" "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace,Love,&Understanding" - Elvis Costello
--"Let's Dance" or "Rebel Rebel"-David Bowie
--"Something to Do"-Depeche Mode
--"Immigrant Song" -Led Zepplin
--"Bulletproof Cupid" "The Bitter End" "Second Sight" "Come Home" "Drag" -Placebo
--"Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen
--"Burning Down the House" "And She Was" Talking Heads
--"You're All I Got Tonight" -The Cars
--"The Seeker" -The Who
--"Zoo Station" U2
***Any 80's songs are pretty much a good place to start with. If you have any favorites.

For a first time marathon?

well i would put rock songs like red hot chilli pepper or aerosmith heck even throw in some spice girls

I'm 13 and I'm running the 800 m on April 24th, suggestions for training?

I like Led Zeppelin because the songs are pretty hard which gets me pumped up, and because they're also long - I always tell myself, okay, let's see where we are by the time this song is over, just get to the end of the song, etc, etc, and if the songs are long, they take you further and the run goes by faster...

Im in high school do you increase triple jump length?

upbeat songs that you ccan run to the rythem

Has anyone tried Walmart's "Image Advanced 2600 Treadmill"?

kill your mother rape your dog
one shot one kill
Vomiting The Fetal Embryo
all dying fetus
highway to hell-acdc
Charles Manson music
F*d With A Knife
I C** Blood-cannibal corpse

First time marathon?

Fatboy Slim - (Right Here, Right Now)

The Fratellis - (Flathead ) ( Stacie Anne ) ( Henrietta)

songs in ( )'s

Do you run for a team? Which one?

well the comercial is right and here it goes again by ok go, jesus freak by dc talk is good to run with and so is so long self by mercy me i think

Who is the state represenative for TN?

Steven Curtis Chapman- Bring it on
Audio Adrenaline-Underdog

Half-marathon training schedule and tips?

A couple of my favorites are Peter Gabriel's "Steam" from his live CD, and anything live by U2, especially "Where The Streets Have No Name." Lately, I've also gotten into Gomez's latest CD "How We Operate".

Here's a good article on the same subject, by the way:

I've been training for a marathon since august, knees killing me...any comments, info or help?

any fast up beat songs! get one that you really like so you can have it in your head when you run.
another song that's great for running is "Whip it"
hehe, i know it sounds wierd, but it's great for keeping pace!

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