How to train for running with a leg problem?

Question:First of all: nothing paid is an option, including medics.
I broke my left femoral head at age of 11 and suffered necrosis and minor bone deformations since then, including stop of growing during the necrosis. With that a chain of events happened. The angle I can open my leg is very limited because of the necrosis. That lead me to stop using it more and it became weaker and weaker, to the point that I only lifted it with the help of arms.

Well.. I am 25 now and have been in a personal fit program. It has many limitations because of this leg, including limitations in the other leg, problems to do sit ups due to limitted angle, and more important: serious limitations in running. I lose the left strength very quickly and keep almost jumping with one leg. Because of the angle limitation, the exercises I can do are limited, and more because of its weaknes. Example: I can only lift 3 kilos with it.
The question is: what can I do to improve my strenght and be able to run?


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Running in the water is an excellent option. A couple of years ago, an Olympic athlete hurt his leg and trained in the pool for several hours each day. At the upcoming Olympics, he won gold.

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i would start with a treadmill because you can change speeds and start with walking and gradually start to move your speed up. good luck

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ok, well i've been doing track and cross country for a while now, and some of the things i do to condition and improve for meets are some of these:

*jog about a mile and a half each day-you don't have to beat any records or go fast at all as long as you're running...keep a steady pace

*write down your previous running records and each time you run, try to beat your score-set goals for yourself so you have something to aim for

*maintain a healthy diet...try to eat mostly carbs before helps you not to get cramps and gives you energy

*don't drink gatorade until AFTER the race...that slows you down and drains your energy

*drink plenty of water all the time

...i hope i was able to help you, good luck!! <3 xox

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