Asics Gel-Kinsei?

I know that they average around $ 160.00 retail and $80 to $170 on ebay. Are they a good running shoe. Do you have a pair and what do you like or dis-like about them. I currently have a pair of Asics gel nimbus version 7 that are getting old quick, should i upgrade to the kinsei.


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Yes! You will love them. Money shouldn't really matter when it comes to the comfort of your feet. If you know you'll use them then you'll more than get your money's worth out of them.

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I have asics too- and love the brand. My suggestion, rather than really taking a risk buying off of ebay (ebay wouldn't be the risk, a faulty pair of asics would be...) why not take a pair for a test run? Most running shoe centers encourage you to try them out- on a treadmill and obviously not for long periods of time. You can buy a pair, take them to a gym and try a 2-4 mile run to see if you like them. If you do, you're set and it you don't, return them unmarkeda and go back to what you're happy with!

It's better than relying on someone elses judgment of a shoe. What works for your feet might not work for another person. Just my two cents.

Happy running!

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Ohhh i tried on a pair of those shoes once. they're sweet i loved them. They were going for $135 without my high school cross country discount which is more than i can afford. The clerk said they will last a lifetime and the store owner swears by them. They were definitely comfortable too. They weren't too bulky and i liked that as well. bottom line, if i had that kinda money to spend on shoes, i would've.

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