Anyone have a training schedule for 200 mile multiday run?

Ultraunner with too much time off and I want to run a 191 mile race in September. I need to design a conservative training plan that can get me to my goal as injury free as possible. I hate to ask for hand holding, but I really don't know how to do this. Can someone advise me or give me a template to follow. I want to build up from beginner to 100 plus. The last time I ramped up my training, I got injured and lost more than a year.


Breathing question?

A freind of mine runs the ultras. He runs to prepare for a marathon and then runs a marathon and a month more training- does his ultra. He also spend the time running focused on his relationship with God and his family. He finds great strength in this and actually doesn't stop due to endurance. His trouble is the feet give out from blisters, etc. Keep your feet dry is the way to make it after you train the mind and muscles.

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