Can you run?


My Ironman watch?

...ppssh.please...i'm a marathon vet.!

How do you run the 800 meter and the 400 meter?

Yes, I can run.

In fact, believe it or not, I think just about everyone can run, excluding the people who are extremely obese or are in wheelchairs.

If you are talking about track, it would help to specify for what event...
I run the 1600 meters.or the mile.

Run without getting tired?

YEAHHH!! well i hear ur sposta take an asprin b4 u run something with helping stamina..?

How could I get a 5 minute mile in one year?

Yeah, just like every other able bodied person. I can run pretty well aswell actually, although not short distance, how anyone can do 100m in 10secs is beyond me, even 13s pushing it!

Any advice on how i could increase the duration of my jog?

Of course!

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