Headphones fall off my ears when running...suggestions please?

I run several times a week and I have the hardest time finding a good pair of headphones that stay on my ears. I've tried the wrap-around ones (they're called earhook headphones) and apparently my ears aren't big enough or something because they don't stay on. I have also tried the in-ear I-pod earphones and those are pretty bad too. I don't want a huge headset, but I want something that will stay on. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks.


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Super Glue, Duct tape, or carry around an old eighties style boom box on your shoulder.

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you could clip them with like a barret or something

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i have to use the huge headset ones, because the others fall out when i run too.

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did you try the smaller types of ear buds? there are types that actually go inside your ear not just loosely hanging

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Try clipping the headphones on ur ears

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No. But to be honest I would not run with headphones. Due to the crazy nature of traffic (if road running) and needing to be aware of your surroundings particularly if you're female it's best to be attuned to what's happening around you. Safety first.

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did you try the in your ear headphones with the rubber grip that fits inside your ear? this work well. if they still fall out, fnd oversized grips and attach them to these. i had the same problem. good luck!

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I know this might be uncomfortable, but try yo tape it to your head or your ear. if it is too uncomfortable, then use paperclips. if you have glasses, attach it to them.
other than that, i am out of ideas.

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Try the ones which hook over the ear

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Im not too sure about the idea of taping or clipping them on... will they stay on under a cap/hat/headband cos I had the same problem

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Hopefully this link works- I have these headphones and they aren't expensive. I have tiny ears and the ones that stick in my ears drive me nuts- and fall out. Normal headphones don't stay on but these are great because they fit outside the ear and have a cuff that goes over your ear. They handband part actually goes by your neck under your ponytail (best way I could describe it) and they 'hang on' rather than needing to be attached really. Anyways, I run a lot and these are the best.

If the link doesn't work- they are called "Sony Street Style Headphones" and they are designed for Behind the Neck with a Non-Slip style.

Hope that helps!

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Leave them home. It's a safety issue. You need to be able to hear what's going on around you.

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i get regular head phones and rap a little of the line around my ear it works for me

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I wear a sweatband to keep the sweat out my eyes and put my earbuds in my ears and pull the sweat band over on the outside.it pretty well keeps them in place.


I have a pair of Sony earphones (MDR-G42) that hook around my ears and have a band that goes around the back of my head close to the bottom of my hair line. They aren't too big but arent the smallest either. They dont put any pressure on my ears or ear canals like some of the "in-ear" type. And I dont have to worry about them shorting out from sweat like the "in-ear" types. I run on average of 5 miles a day, sometimes 1 or 2, sometimes 15 or 20, and they seem to do me just fine. I got mine at Wal-Mart for about $15 or $20, they weren't much.

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I had trouble finding headphones too because my ears are small. I ended up getting some by Koss (KSC22 SportClip). I've had them for a year and they are still good. I got them at BestBuy. I don't know if they still sell them though. I also found them on a website:

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what about looking for bluetooth headphones?
they don't have wires to bother you with.

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