Ankle Weights?

What are some exercises that I can do with Ankle Weights to make me faster in running


How can I get my XC times faster?

Basically, do anything you'd do without ankle weights. Personally, I don't think they do much, as they don't weigh very much and tend to just hurt your ankles from all the pressure.

Get yourself a body harness and have someone hold the 'leash'. Then, start running, with the person behind you holding on to the leash as if they were water skiing. That really builds up speed.

Heal pain in my left foot?

You usually wear them for the whole day and walk around. Keep wearing them until the weight feel like nothing. On a side note, ankle weights will move your bones in your feet. Causing you to recover from foot injuries much slower. A better solution is to work on your leg muscles.

Do you agrre w/ me? Jeremy Wariner is da best runner ever?

run with them on and go to the gym and do the i forget what its called but whenver you lift weights with your feet like you push up

Can i run 4km in 20 days?

ankle weights never helped me. just do squats at the gym. squats build tremendous leg power too. jumping rope is also great for quick feet. go to that site is great. it has a ton of information

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