Are there any good places to run..??

So basically, i want to run different distances around my neighborhood (7, 5, 3 miles or so)...are there any websites that like, ask for your address and then show you routes where you can run...?


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There are a lot of sites where users can map their running routes and leave them online for others to see. Below are links to some great sites. You just put in your location or zip code. You can sort the routes according to the distances you wish to run.

You can also create your own routes, maybe starting from your home, and the website will measure the distance with fairly high accuracy.

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nope you just gotta go. go run to a different spot though eeryday and maybe youll run into a cute girl washing her car

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try using the google map pedometer. you just zoom in on where you live and make points and it will tell the distance. heres the link:

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