Am i good enough?

Question:okay next year aka high school i would like to do the 400 meter for track, here are my stats from last year, track didn't start yet this year so here you go...

around 75 seconds
i was around 4'9 and weighed about 80lbs

this year i am 4'11 and am 90 lbs
i'm not in as good of shape as then, well atleast
not what i am used to... do you think i will do better?

please answer these questions:


When running, does anyone have any tips on how to get your breathing good and getting the most oxegen etc.?

You can always be better, plus you are taller which strides will be longer and you have more muscles now so train them, learn the technique and anything is possible, you'll always do better the harder you train and more deciated you are.
Good luck and have fun

Indoor Track??

Yes! You are.

If you do better, you will.

If you do better too, you will too.

Would shaving your legs make a guy run faster?

getting taller does have an effect on running. Your stride may be different than last year.You will probably need to start conditioning yourself. Strength training is great for sprinters. You will also want someone to help you with some speed drills. You can definitely do great! Don't defeat yourself mentally. Set a goal and go for it.

Possible events in track &field?

You're good. Don't push youself too hard. Just have fun.

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