Any track historians here?

Question:Because if there is, I'd like to pose this question:

If Emil Zatopek, Haile Geb and Kenny Bekele raced each other over 10,000 metres in their primes (Zatopek 1948-1952, Geb 1993-2000, Bekele at present), who do you think would win, and why? I think I know the answer, but will give you guys a chance to consider it.

Also feel free to put the three in order of position.


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i think it would go Gebrselassie, bekele, then zatopek. almost everyone considers geb the greatest distance runner of all time. although bekele has the record i think geb was better in his prime because he had less information on traing and he was just unbeteable in his prime. maybe in a few years bekele overtakes geb but for now ill take geb.

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no not a track historian srry

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