Can you use a Cross Country racing flat shoe for a marathon?

Question:I am a racewalker. I have been able to wear NB 111's for several years, and now they are being discontiued. I have been told that a racing flat is the next best thing to a bonafide racewalking shoe. I am looking for a minimal support shoe that is lightweight and flexible. I am very close to getting some Asics and can't decide between the Gel-DS Racer and the Gel Dirt Dog Spikeless.

Anyway, my real question is, will a racing flat hold up to a marathon distance? How much could this type of shoe take?


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NO, it will kill, those shoes do not have enough padding in them for your foot. Depending o your budget you can buy racing shoes for road races, they are light and built to comfort your foot during the race. I know all this because I ran a half marathon with XC racing flats, bad idea, its not right what so ever. Especially if it is a road race and your not on grass. Good Luck


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yes it can, but i would suggest the nike zoom marathoners. Its a flat designed especially for the marathon, so that is probably your best option.

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an xc racing flat may be too unsupportive for 26.2 miles..i understand you want limited support but for a distance such as the marthon you need a shoe that is lighweight but also with the durability to last you for 3 hours or however long it takes dont want to have to pull out because your feet hurt..i've tried the nike zoom marathoner and would definitly recomend that shoe.

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The racing shoes can take the marathon distance but not your body joints. Don't save the money and use it to pay for medical bills after the run.

Go to the sport shop and consult, you should be able to get a pair with good cushion and reasonably priced. It can be Nike or Asics.

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It would be better to run barefoot than to use a cross country shoe during a marathon.

Oh, but I do remember Bill Rodgers running his first marathon in what looked like basketball shoes.

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Do not use racing flats. Asics Gel-DS Racers are good!! Flats could hold up but will hurt your feet later!! Try Asics Gel-Hyper Speed and DS Racer VII. Nike Zoom Air Katana II are good too!!

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It depends on the racing flat. I've worn racing flats in marathons, but they had some cushion and durability to them (like Nike Marathoner). If your XC flat doesn't have some comparable cushion to your trainer, I wouldn't risk injury to shave a minute or two. Good luck!

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Definitely go with the Asics DS Racer. The marathon will take it's toll on your feet after 26.2 miles and consequently
a minimalist spikeless shoe is not sufficient even for you. The A6 DS racer is probably about a 9 0z. racing shoe that will give you more sufficinet cushioning and still not impede your obvious to desire to race walk or run faster.

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I would NEVER wear racing flats to run/race walk a marathon. I wore flats for a half-marathon and my knees were definately paying for it the next day. You need a little bit more of a cushion when you're running that far.

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for a race you'll never need a flat shoe,you need a trainers with an arch

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