7:30 per mile good for 13 year old?

Question:I am 13 years old (just recently) and I get 7:30 per mile, and usually do about 3 miles per day at that speed.

I also get 53 second ten and ones.

I want to know if this is well enough for XC, Basketball, and Football, either, both or all.


I'm 16 . my friend say that if i now keep running for 40 to 50k p.wk .. then when i get older i will get pain

That's pretty good...as you get older and your muscels mature your times should get even better. Go for XC...the rest I don't know much about.

Would anyone like to sponsor a 13 year old girl, recovering from cancer, to run the Race for Life?


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lol thats good.

Tire rubber track...which am i better off with??

thats in the middle i think. most guys 13 can hit lower 7's or 6's but thats pretty good! keep up the good work!

What is the best way to run a mile during a track meet?

XC and football
maybe basketball
you also need d=to know how to dripple, catch(for footbal), and defend

but that's really good
good luck!

How to run a 400?

yes but if you want to do excellent, then you can drop that down atleast a minute

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well it might be but i can run klike a 6:10

How much does strength in your legs matter in regards to running?

i would go with xc thats what ive done for the last five years and a 7 30 isnt bad for a thirteen year old just keep working hard at it. it took me three years before i really got the hang of what i was doing and broke out into a good runner.

Walking meters?

thats good :D

Could I ever get a college track scholarship?

thats good i just ran a 7:13 but very good

Nike+ Moire running shoes?

It's impossible for anyone to say what you could do without knowing more information about you. If you are 13, you are probably in 7th grade or possibly 8th. You should find out who your middle school cross country coach is, and talk with him about joining the team. He may be the track coach also, and he may steer you into running track this spring. You should go out for track and cross country. Those experiences will help you to get an idea of your abilites, and your coach can help you to improve.

Running will help you get into condition for basketball and football, but if you go out for those teams you will do a lot of sprinting.

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