Am I good enough for cross country?

I'm not the best runner in the world, but I'm in sixth grade and my mile time was 8:01. I weigh 99 pounds, and I get pretty tired running for a long period of time. Do I have time to get into shape before fall? What do you recommend for training? Thanks!


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Go for it!
Dont worry about your previous times, NOBODY is the best runner in the world in 6th grade. After you join the team, the coach and other runners will help you become better. Its a great learning experience.
You could try running on your own over the summer to get ready. Even if its just 2-3 miles a couple times a week, you'll find that it really helps if you're in shape before the season starts.

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Pretty good. I think u should try out. The more u run the better u get.

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yah, thats a pretty good time.

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Of course, I'm in 9th grade and I run cross country. my mile time is 6.48 and I'm the 2nd best runner where I live. I think if you put ambition to it, you could do it. Belive me I got 2nd place on my first meet and I only practiced for 2 weeks. Trust me, you could be a great runner, dont give up.

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Hey. =)
I'm in 9th grade and I tried out for field hockey in the fall and didn't make it. So, instead of feeling sorry for myslef, I joined Cross Country. My mile back then was 8:30. After the cross country season, I improved SO much. My mile time is now 7:34. It'll help, and you'll get used to the long distances. At first, I had to walk some. But, then I was able to finish all of it and then some. And, trust me, you have PLENTY of time to get in shape for fall. I recommend being able to run 3 miles straight, without stopping. And do some sprint drills for agility and such. You can be great, if running is really what you want. ;D

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Of course. Crosscountry will take you places.
I started crosscountry because i didnt amke the school swim team and Im happy I didnt start swimming. Ive gotten really fit, Ive become a sprinter now, and Im NYC Triple Jump Champ. I say you get out and Start now while its still cold. Its good to get rpactice in all weather becaus ei had a meet where it was lseeting and it was a very hilly 2 mile course. Crosscountry is one hard sport. It doesnt matter what your doing now. It matter show much effort you put in to be good.

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you don't have to be the best runner in the world to join xc. believe me, i ran a 10-minute mile in 6th grade, and now i'm a freshman, and i did xc last season. it was really hard at first, but the distances felt easier to me as the season went on. you build up your endurance pretty fast, and even if you don't turn out to be the best runner on the team, you still make tons of friends and some really good memories. running in the woods is pretty too, even if the weather isn't always so great.
at the end of cross country, i was pretty much addicted to running and i joined winter track too. now my mile time is 6:11.
you'll definitely improve the more you run. seeing as you're in sixth grade, cross country probably won't be as hardcore as high school, but it'll be fun and by the time you get to high school, you'll be really good.
good luck, and have fun!
as for training, try running 2-3miles a day, and definitely work on hills.

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Practice and then your time will go down. For football, I ran long distance just to make my sprints a little better and by the end of the season, I was running about 6:45 for the mile. It might have been less. I'll have to ask my wife. Work and work.

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ya you have plenty of time i was never really in shape until xc season and it doesnt matter how fast you are as long as you enjoy it because in xc everyone gets to run.

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You are still growing. I am in 8th grade, in 6th grade my mile time was 8:05, then in 7th it was 7:30, and this year it was 6:57.

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Yes you are certainly good enough for cross country...because you have the desire and the foresight to prepare. Run every day and increase your mileage slightly each week. Dedicate an hour a day to training. Run as much as you can in that time and walk the remainder of the time. Also do exercises to increase your core strength.sit ups, push ups, etc. Do some reading for more info. But be patient and you will enjoy seeing gradual improvement.

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You would have to get better If you want to run cc. You at least have to a mile in 7 flat.

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Yes, there's time to get in shape. The best training is just long, steady distance. Throw in a few sprints occasionally to get your foot speed up. The best thing about cross country is you don't have to be fast. Everybody makes the team and everybody participates. Join the team for the friendship and cameraderie, then any success you have will just be a bonus!

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I'd say that your times are respectable. The best thing that you can do this summer to train for the fall is long slow distance. Once a week, do 1/2 the distance and do it at a good brisk pace. another time a week, find a good hill and do some hill intervals...hills build leg strength. XC is a great sport and you'll get better when you start running with the team. Good luck!

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If you want to do it and are in good health, then you are good enough to do it. You have plenty of time to get in shape before fall, just do some easy running after school until summer vacation. Start by jogging a mile or two each day after school. Take walking breaks if you need to. If you can do even 5-10 miles a week by the time summer vacation starts you'll have a significant head start. Once summer is here try to do 15 miles a week of easy jogging with one run a week in the 4 to 5 mile range, but build up to this level gradually. Don't run at an intensity that leaves you drained. Aim to finish each run feeling good, like you accomplished something. Once fall rolls around you'll be able to handle the distances and the workouts your coach hands out. Good luck!

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Running is a sport that requires dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

You are still young and should do something you enjoy. I started running when I was 28 and it took a few years to get into good shape.

When I was younger I was a basketball player and didn't run for the sake of running. Now I actually enjoy running and have several marathons.

Your time is pretty good for starters and with sensible training, nutrition and rest you will get better. Run a little every day and you will be less tired as the weeks go by. If you start now you will be in shape for fall.

Get a check up from a sports/running Dr. to make sure it's a good idea and get a good coach so you don't make any mistakes in your training that could lead to injury or undesireable changes in the body.

To increase endurance I use the run/walk method. I run as fast as I can until I get tired then I walk for 30 - 60 seconds. Repeat.
You should run at a comfortable pace where you can talk without being out of breath. Trying to recite the pledge of allegiance is a good idea.

You will want to think about massage therapy too but this requires your parents consent.

Good luck.

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YES you will GREAT in x country! It was hard for me to start running but it's something anyone can do. It's all in your head. Put on your shoes... want to run... and then go do it! it doesn't matter how fast you can run.. your coach will help you with that. The willingness is all you need and it sounds like you have it! x country is by far the best sport i did and i would say to anyone wanting to join us runners to do it!!

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Yes, you are good enough for cross country. You might want to find out how far 7th graders run in xc competition. The high school xc runners run 5k or 3.1 miles. Seventh graders may only run half that. That translates to about 11-12 minutes. Some people prefer training runs for an amount of time rather than a distance. You can change your routes a little more easily. If you are running alone, that's an important safety issue. When you can run for 10 minutes without stopping to walk, consider entering some local 1 mile road races. When you can run for 25-30 minutes you will probably be ready for 5k road races. Another opportunity to consider is the USATF Jr Olympic summer track program. They offer races of 1500m and 3000m (1.8 miles) for girls 11-12 and 13-14 years. The website is You may find other girls with similar interests - and training with a friend is more fun. Good luck!

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middle school cross country is layed back compared to high school. even if u suck they'll make u better. go for it.!?

Don't underestimate yourself like that. i am in eigth grade, and last year i could barely make the mile in ten and got really sore after running a mile and a half. guess what i'm doing now? i'm training for the LA marathon in three weeks. if i can do that, you can definitely do cross-country. your mile time is still better than mine. as for getting in shape, i would say that it would help, but you have plenty of time (if it is in fall then you have over six months, i just started my training six months ago, you have a ton of time), probably start running a mile every other day or so. then when you feel comfortable, make it a mile a day. then you can start making it longer distances with larger breaks (skip a day or two). the best way to train for running is to run. to beat the boredness, bring with you some really energetic music, run with a friend or two, or both. from what i can tell you have the perfect build for a runner, light. also it is smart to work on your core, this means sit-ups, pushups, and leg lifts. don't worry about getting tired while running a lot, that is what practice is for, if you work at it sure you will have a couple of really bad days that you'll just want to collapse on the ground, but becuase of that you will be able to run five miles without thinking twice. you'll do great!

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I think you would be good. But to train, try running around your city and each day build up the distance you run. Do this for a while and then try to beat your score.

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cross country is not as competitive as people make it sound..its about beating personal goals and making friends..i run at greenville and i'm not the best runner at the high school but i do run a 5:20 mile and a 11:30 2mile and my best 5k is dont have to be the only have to keep working hard...dont let others tell you you arent good enogh anyone can run...if you train'll see improvement.. Besides in MS the race is like 2 miles...thats not that can do that...keep on keeping on. and do the best you can...if its any consilation i have friend that ran a 13:30 in MS and now he runs at central michigan university and is varsity for track and xc...

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To get better you have to go out each day and try to run four miles on average and over time you will see your time drop.
The more miles per day you do the faster you will get but be careful not to push your self to hard and hurt yourself because that may lead to a slower time.

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Exercise is good just for fitness and health
I am slow at running however because I don't drive and walk every day I built up endurance.
run up and down stairs. Jump steps
Sometimes I do scot paste run for 20 walk for 20

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Yeah, that would cut 7th grade XC,

and about that weight, go find your body mass index (BMI) and go from there,

but I'm not saying you shouldn't stop training, i bet you could get 7:50 or so by fall.

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I was gonna run cross country but i had football instead. But if you have good stamina and you love to run then go for what you want to do. I mean anything you want to do you do it your best and who knows you could be the BEST someday.

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OUTSTANDING! Yes, you have time to get in to shape!

I recommend adding an extra 5 miles each week to your weekly mileage. Just build up your base mileage and Cross Country practice will fine tune you with speed work, etc...

Best of Luck!

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