Best Nike Running shoes?

I know Nike isn't a contender in the running shoe industry but what I'm asking is what is their top running shoe? Please don't give me comments about Air Max shoes. I just hate them. (DON'T ASK)


Where can I find a public outdoor running track ?

I race on Nike Air Zoom Spiridons which is similar to the subsequent neutral Zoom series. I like them for racing because of the light weight and they are nice and springy. But the support is terrible, which is why I would never use them to train on. For reference, I have high arches and use neutral/cushioning shoes. My normal trainer is an Adidas Supernova Cushion.

Mile time?

I'm not sure what the best running shoe is, but all i know is do NOT get the nike shox shoes! They are very uncomfortable and have less cushion than a regular shoe. They are not made for quality - only for style, not to mention that they're overly expensive.

Running advice?

man the pumps are awesome i even hear they sometimes simulate bare feet sometimes but not always

What is your opinion about guys running in running tights?

nike air pegasus

Why do i get lower back pain when I run?

Nike Air Pegasus are there best for training!! Training shoe of the year! Bernard Lagat also uses them!! Overall Asics are best!

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