Are compression tights overkill for recreational runners?


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no, they can be a big benefit. and they're inexpensive, so its not a waste of money.

they can really help block the wind and move water away from your skin on cold days,
and they can keep your thighs from chafing. that alone is worth the price!

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no. it might make a difference with wind, but i don't know about that. the compression tights help keep the muscles warm during activity. the heat released from the muscles is maintian by the compression tights.

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No they aren't overkill. If you live in an area that gets really cold, which is just about everywhere right now, they are good to keep your legs warm. Especially when the temps get real low and your skin is in danger of getting frostbite. I had a pair when I was younger as our cross country team ran year round. I prefer the looser running pants now. I am not sure what the material is put it is very lightweight and very warm. It's called ClimaCool by Adidas.

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