Are Brooks shoes still good for running?

I have always loved them, but haven't bought any for about 5 years. Are they still considered good running/walking shoes?


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yes they are! i'm in 7th grade and i got them last year and they are excellent! i used them for long distance in track too and i did better in the brooks shoes then in spikes =]

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Idaknow ask her!! Just kidding but I don't know what they are!

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Yes. Brooks is one of the major running shoe companies. They still make excellent running shoes.

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When determining whether a running shoe brand is good, I look at what is most popular among marathon runners since they punish their shoes and need them to last. Most popular among marathon runners are Asics, followed by Nike. Closing in are Brooks, Saucony, and Mizuno, who come in about third, depending on which poll you read. After trying out all of the five brands, and listening to what my running buddies tell me, I know that they are all great brands for running shoes.

In my humble opinion, it is not so important which brand of shoes is good. Far more important is how well a particular pair of shoes fit your feet. Everyone has different feet with different needs. The best way to get a good pair of shoes is to go to a specialty running shoe store, try on a few pairs from different brands, go for a short run, and see which one feels the best.

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