Any parkour gurus out there?

I'd like to dive (excuse the pun) into parkour a bit. I live in a suburban area, so obstacles are few and far between. It's winter now, so I'd like to do some indoor strength/endurance training until the sunnier days arrive. Any tips or suggestions? Anything you've got to suggest is appreciated.


Just question about which is better thing to do to get ready for track?

I'm hardly a parkour guru, but I have run over an obstacle or two...

From your brief question, I assume you have some experience running. As such, during the winter I would keep up whatever running "base" you have, and focus on the strengths that running will not prepare you for (jumping, climbing, etc.).

I would suggest a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program like Crossfit. In fact, Jesse Woody, one of the founders of American Parkour (APK) ( ) is a big booster of Crossfit.

Daily workouts can be found here:

Both APK and Crossfit have active message boards, so they can likely answer follow-up questions for you.

How do I build my sprinting Speed?

Well work hard, Do squats (The most excellent workout), Calf raises, And at practcie run as fast as you can unless told otherwise. Its better to feel dead tired after practice than to feel full of energy.

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