Any tips for....?

any tips for the 800 meter race. i did the race during winter season but i want to know how to get better.


Is not running the best sport in the world?

In my opinion, the 800 is probably the most brutal race in track - it has the feel of running 2 back-to-back 400s rather than half a mile.

Start with a solid warm up - at least 20 minutes of easy jogging, followed by stretching and 6 or 8 strideouts. Do a few more minutes of easy jogging afterward until you're called to the start. Once you are at the start try to stay loose and relaxed but focused.

When I ran the 800 our coach told us to mentally break the race into four 200 m segements. Use the first segment to get out strong and establish your solid rhythm. In the second 200 you should be cruising. Stay relaxed and focus on your cadence - maintaining your rhythm is key.

As you start the second lap you'll feel some discomfort. During the next 200 m. hang on to your pace and focus on the runners around you - where are you in the pack, who seems to be strong and who is fading. Use this time to evaluate and set yourself up - it will help distract you from the physical unpleasantness you're experiencing and lead you to

The final 200 m. This part is simple - kick it and run like hell. Just maintain good form and cadence - you don't want to trip or collapse before the finish line. Focus on getting upright with a good strong push off on each stride and rapid turnover.

How and/or what can you do to run faster?

search for running tips on google. it helps a lot.

Waterproof hiking boots with support for 'over pronation'. Any UK suppliers?

stretch before you run. relax and feel the track. listen to your breathing. focus. just take the pain.

How does one increase pronation (in other words, stop supination) of the foot when walking/running?

There are two ways to get you faster for the 800 in the Spring:

1. Start doing some longer jogs to increase your aerobic capacity. Try to get up to 3-5 miles for your long run. If you're already there...try to get up to 6-8 miles.

2. Intervals: try doing 200m repeats about 5 seconds quicker than your goal 800m pace. So if you want to break 3:00 (for example)..that's equivalent to 0:45 for 200m...your goal for the sprints would then be 0:40. You can also mix in some hill work for leg strength...they work great!

Whatever you do, please don't try to do too much too quickly. Space out your hard workouts and give yourself atleast 1-2 days of rest per week. Good luck!

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